Senior Recognition Assembly held by Weir High

WEIRTON – Weir High School held its annual Senior Recognition Assembly on May 23 in the Carl R. Hamill Field House, recognizing members of the Class of 2013.

Principal Dan Enich inaugurated the officers for the 2013-2014 school year. Officers for next year will be: Student Council President Hannah Hinerman, Student Council Vice President Bryan Phillips; Senior class President Morgan Goff and Vice President Hannah Hinerman; Junior class President Michael Curtis and Vice President Bryan Phillips; Sophomore class President Stephanie Pennacchio and Vice President Alicia Palmeri; and Freshman class President Michael Gresko and Vice President Jordan Allen. The incoming freshman officers were represented by Weir Middle School Assistant Principal Joseph Paolo.

Weir High School seniors graduating with highest honors inlcuded Anna Makricostas, Kaitlyn Williams, Kristen Mastrantoni, Benjamin Suter, Alexis Virtue, Harry Olenick, Kristen Tuell, Jenna Jenkins, Brandon Jasiel, Ryan Duke and Emily Zatezalo.

Those graduating with high honors included (listed alphabetically) Samantha Collins, Alex Creel, Jessica Derby, Kvanna Diaz, Dominique Gilbert, Joshua Groves, Erin Hawthorne, Lauren Hoffman, Samantha Lengyel, Taylor Long, Steven Maragos, Karly Mullens, Nicole Pellegrino, Natalie Perrone, Laken Quickle, Courtney Schexnayder, Jeremy Swarzmiller, Catherine Tate and Kelly Taylor.

Graduating wih honors were (listed alphabetically) Mercedes Alexander, Ashley Babinchok, Matthew Barnes, Emily Bertha, Maelynne Brunner, Monica Burdette, Kiara Cimperman, James Dylan Cassiadoro, Matthew Cessna, Tyler Conrad, Micah DiBacco, Evan Greco, Chad Hensley, Carl Howard, Kayla Lemley-Raiford, Christopher Oaks, Makayla Parr, Abigail Peters, Ashlee Vandruff, Austin Wolverton and Raven Young.

National Honor Society recognition went to Ashley Babinchok, Emily Bertha, Maelynne Brunner, Paige Bruno, Monica Burdette, Kiara Cimperman , James Dylan Cassiadoro, Samantha Collins, Tyler Conrad, Alex Creel, Alexis Curtis, Shane Davis, Jessica Derby, Micah DiBacco, Ryan Duke, Dominique Gilbert, Evan Greco, Joshua Groves, Erin Hawthorne, Chad Hensley, Lauren Hoffman, Jenna Jenkins, Samantha Lengyel, Taylor Long, Haley McLaughlin, Anna Makricostas, Steven Maragos, Kristen Mastrantoni, Karly Mullens, Harry Olenick, Nicole Pellegrino, Natalie Perrone, Abigail Peters, Laken Quickle, Jessica Reese, Bailey Ryan, Courtney Schexnayder, Benjamin Suter, Jeremy Swartzmiller, Kristen Tuell, Ashlee Vandruff, Alexis Virtue, Kaitlyn Williams, Austin Wolverton, Raven Young and Emily Zatezalo.

Career and Technical Education Completer Awards went to Emily Bertha, Samantha Collins, Tyler Conrad, Ryan Duke, Kenneth Muhart, Blake Huval, Brandon Jasiel, Christopher Oaks, Brandon Palmeri, Derek Staley, Francesca Stewart, Raven Young and Emily Zatezalo.

Accomplishment cords were presented to members of the National Technical Honor Society, Brandon Jasiel, Christopher Oaks, and Raven Young.

Earning the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Scholarship were: Emily Bertha, Alex Creel, Jessica Derby, Kvanna Diaz, Ryan Duke, Joshua Groves, Brandon Jasiel, Jenna Jenkins, Jamie Kikilidis, Alexandra Lengyel, Samantha Lengyel, Anna Makricostas, Steven Maragos, Kristen Mastrantoni, Haley McLaughlin, Zachary Midcap, Brian Miller, Karly Mullens, Harry Olenick, Nicole Pellegrino, Natalie Perrone, Abigail Peters, Laken Quickle, Benjamin Suter, Catherine Tate, Kristen Tuell, Alexis Virtue and Kaitlyn Williams.

Seniors who earned scholarships included December Baldwin for Scotts School of Cosmetology; Lance Beck for the Federal Pell Grant and W.Va. Higher Education Grant; Monica Burdett for the Federal Pell Grant, W.Va. Higher Education Grant and the Supplemental Education Opt Grant; Shelva Burns for Bethany Scholarship; Maelynne Brunner for Robert Morris University Justice Scholarship; Kiara Candelario for the Federal Pell Grant; Matthew Cessna for the Federal Pell Grant and the W.Va. Higher Education Grant; Matteo Collett for EQT Student of Excellence, Mountaineer Parents’ Club Student Body President Scholarship, and Elks Teen of the Month; Samantha Collins for Federal Pell Grant; Alexis Curtis for Federal Pell Grant; Jessica Derby for Federal Pell Grant and Hancock County Federal Credit Union Scholarship; Dominique Gilbert for Elks Teen of the Month; Kandace Haga for Federal Pell Grant; Erin Hawthorne for Kent State University Award; Savanna Hibbits for Federal Pell Grant; Lauren Hoffman for Teachers Aide Credit Union Scholarship and J.C. Williams Trust Scholarship; Brandon Jasiel for Arcelor Mittal Scholarship; Jenna Jenkins for Mary W. Marshall Honor Scholarship, Marshall Presidential Scholarship, and USBC Scholarship; Jamie Kikilidis for WVU Herf Grant; Zachary Knuutila for Fairmont Falcons Scholarship and Federal Pell Grant; Kayla Lemley-Raiford for Fairmont State University Falcon Collegiate Scholarship; Samantha Lengyel for Mary W. Marshall Honors Scholarship, Marshall Presidential; Who’s Who in Science Award, and National Science Merit Award; Steven Maragos for Holy Resurrection Church Scholarship and ASERB Scholarship; Kristen Mastrantoni for Mountaineer Futures Scholarship and Elks Teen of the Month; Zachary Midcap achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2013; Brian Miller for Fairmont State University Promise Plus, Post 9/11 GI Bill- US Army Scholarship; Kenneth Muhart for University of Mount Union Hartshorn Award; Karly Mullens for Robert Morris Academic Scholarship; Harry Olenick for DAR Sinclair Francis Fulton Award, Elks Teen of the Month, DAR Good Citizen Award; Makayla Parr for Scott School of Cosmetology; Bailey Ryan for Waynesburg University Award Scholarship; Shane Spencer for Ohio Valley African-American Student Award; Jeremy Swartzmiller for Kent State University Scholarship Award, Kent State University Presidential Scholarship, and Kent State University Trustee Scholarship; Benjamin Suter for Elks Teen of the Month; Lydia Taylor for WVU Art Department Scholarship; Kristen Tuell for WVU School of Journalism; Elks Student of the Month; Alexis Virtue for Elks Teen of the Month; Kaitlyn Williams for Fairmont State University-Promise Plus and Regina Doddrill Memorial Scholarship; and Raven Young for the Orchards at Foxcrest Scholarship.

The Weirton Medical Center Medical/Dental Scholarship was awarded to Kristen Mastrantoni.

The Frank/Joan Bieberson McDonald Scholarship was awarded to James Dylan Cassiadoro, Joshua Groves, Taylor Long, Kristen Mastrantoni and Francesca Stewart.

The Chuck Mahoney Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Matteo Collett and Taylor Long.

Samantha Collins earned the Judy Ann Simich Memorial Scholarship.

Joshua Groves won the Aaron Davies Memorial Scholarship.

Shelva Burns and Kvanna Diaz with the Bethany Merit Scholarship and Bethany College Grant.

West Virginia University Scholarships went to Anna Makricostas (also received WVU Top Honor Scholarship), Laken Quickle, Ashlee Vandruff for the Shenandoah Scholarship; Nicole Pellegrino, Benjamin Suter, and Kristen Tuell for the Mountaineer Scholarship; Alex Creel and Kristen Mastrantoni for the Rhododendron Scholarships; and Karly Mullens and Catherine Tate for the Vandalia Scholarship.

West Virginia Northern Community College Scholarships were presented to Emily Bertha and Jessica Derby. Jessica Derby received the Full Academic Scholarship from West Virginia Northern.

Ryan Duke, Joshua Groves, Alexandra Lengyel, Steven Maragos and Alexis Virtue received West Liberty University Scholarships.

The Teddi and Justin Licker Memorial Scholarship was presented to Kristen Mastrantoni

The Kristen Andrews Impact Scholarship was given to Ryan Duke and Joshua Groves, and the Kristen Andrews Soccer Scholarship to Nicole Pellegrino and Kenneth Muhart.

The Weirton Rotary Scholarship was presented to Kaitlyn Williams.

The Hancock County Retired Employees Scholarship was presented to James Dylan Cassiadoro.

The George Zatezalo Memorial Scholarship was presented to Emily Zatezalo.

The Weirton FOP award was presented to Micah DiBacco, Harry Olenick and Kaitlyn Williams.

The Paul Kuhns Memorial Scholarship was given to Nicole Pellegrino by Jarrett Kuhns.

The Women’s Club Art Department Scholarship was presented to Lydia Taylor.

The Louis F. Serra Family Scholarship was given to Samantha Collins; and the Serra Foundation/Mary Green Scholarship was presented to Raven Young.

The Rick Kucan Memorial Scholarship was presented to Erin Hawthorne.

The Charles M. and Thelma M. Pugliese Charitable Foundation Scholarship was presented to Alex Creel, Ryan Duke, Dominique Gilbert and Catherine Tate.

The Snack Brothers Scholarship was awarded to Jessica Derby and Austin Wolverton.

The Aggarwal Family Scholarship was awarded to Anna Makricostas.

The WTOV Red Donley award was presented to Eric Piatt.

The Jostens Scholarships were presented to Matteo Collett, Harry Olenick and Manon Misto.

The Starck Foundation Scholarship was awarded to Kristen Mastrantoni, Alexis Virtue and Kaitlyn Williams. TThe Weirton Board of Realtors award went to Chad Hensley.

The J.C. Williams Trust Scholarship went to Lauren Hoffman.

Mahoney also presented the Chad Pickens Scholarship to Matteo Collett.

The Larsen Trust Scholarship was awarded to Kristen Mastrantoni and Alexis Virtue.

The Mario Pipinos Memorial Scholarship was presented to Jamie Kikilidis and Steven Maragos, the Beulah Myer Scholarship to Nathan Masters and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program Quilt to Alexis Curtis for excelling in foreign language.

The Jim Hanna Memorial Scholarship was presented to Lance Beck.

The Carl R. Hamill Scholarship was presented to Matthew Barnes.

This year’s Student Council Senior Members inlcuded Matteo Collett, Alex Creel, Alexis Curtis, Dominique Gilbert, Lauren Hoffman, Taylor Long, Kristen Mastrantoni, Harry Olenick, Laken Quickle and Kristen Tuell.

The cheering award was presented to Karly Mullens.

The Chad Pickens Baseball Award was presented to Matthew Cessna, and the Donnell Football award to Daren Baldwin.

The WVSSAC Recognition Award for Sportsmanship was presented to Shane Davis, Dominique Gilbert and Taylor Long; and the WVSSAC School Spirit Award was presented to Nathan Masters.

Enich announced that $328,237 worth of scholarships, awards and contributions were given out during the senior recognition ceremony. If renewed, this figure can reach as high as $921,596.