RV parking ordinance read in Tiltonsville

TILTONSVILLE – Ordinances regarding the parking of various vehicles and garbage receptacles were given their first readings during the June meeting of Tiltonsville Village Council.

The vehicle ordinance would prohibit “the parking and storage of fifth-wheel trailers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, motor homes, truck campers, park trailers, travel trailers and other temporary residential units within the village.”

Village officials want to be certain that only permanent residential dwellings are to be placed on properties within the village with proper utility connections and sanitation. It also notes the oil and gas industry is utilizing out-of-state labor that temporarily locates within an area and this results in using temporary residential units.

The other proposed ordinance would call for garbage to be placed in bags that are placed in the receptacles.

Ordinances are subject to three readings unless being approved under suspension of rules.

Police Chief Jerry Davis asked that his officers be paid twice a month rather than once a month.

Information about shift starting and ending times was outlined in Village Administrator Carl Sgalla’s report later in the meeting.

Council approved a resolution establishing the time clock and pay schedule for village employees.

That resolution provide that paydays for all employees will be the 15th and 31st of every month or the last day of the month for those months that have fewer than 31 days. If paydays fall on a holiday or weekend, employees will be paid the day before the holiday or the Friday before the holiday or weekend.

Davis also said there was concern in the village about burglaries. Noting there had been only one burglary, he encouraged residents to keep their doors and windows locked, blinds closed and lights on. He added the police department has a website and a Facebook account.

The chief reported officers Jason Harder, Doug Viola and Gene Grimm are back on duty.

Mayor Kris Prati said residents and contractors should go to the municipal building three to four days before a building permit is needed, not one hour before the project is to start. The code administrator needs time before a permit is issued to review property and land issues.

Reports indicated that drivers were having difficulty making the turn on Medill Avenue if a vehicle is parked too close to the intersection. Council approved a motion to paint the curb yellow, 30 feet from the corner of Medill.

Sgalla reported that Jeff Vaughn of Vaughn Coast had sent a letter on behalf of the village to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, requesting that the agency adjust the monitoring schedule for low-level mercury at the main sewer plant from monthly to quarterly.

In the letter, Vaughn told the Ohio EPA that a reduction in testing from monthly to quarterly would save the village about $1,200 a year.

Also, the NPDES renewal application has been completed and submitted to the Ohio EPA, according to the village administrator.

Sgalla reported contractors have been replacing storm water catch basins at Mound and Maryland streets and East South and Mound streets and have been installing new catch basins at the east side of East South Street and the north end of Mound Street.

Street sweeping is under way on curbed streets, and hot patching will begin when the sweeping is completed.

Sgalla also noted two part-time summer employees began work June 3. He added that a $6,000 recreation grant had been received from the Jefferson County commissioners and that money would go toward the installation of benches and playground equipment at the park adjacent to the water treatment plant. Tiltonsville collaborated with Warren Township on the project, with the village being the lead agency.

Council’s next regular meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. July 16.