Heavy Duty plans expansion at new site

EMPIRE – A little more than one year after opening its doors in Jefferson County, Heavy Duty Industrial has already relocated to an Empire warehouse space where the company will have room to grow.

The Empire shop, now located at 707 E. Front St., will celebrate its grand opening Wednesday.

“We were outgrowing our building in Wintersville,” said Cory Jursik, vice president of business development for Heavy Duty. “To be honest, I think we outgrew it probably six months ago. Empire will be our new home, we’ll run our southeast division out of Empire.”

Heavy Duty serves the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, providing a range of services that includes hauling fluids, rig washing, frack tank cleaning and pit cleaning. They also have a roll-off truck and disposal service and do-box rentals.

“We try to be a one-stop shop for the guys on the rigs, so when they need something they don’t have to call five or six companies to get it done,” said Jursik. “They can call us, and with one phone call we can provide a lot of different services.”

Prior to the move, the company had between 60 and 65 employees and around seven trucks, he said. Since moving to the bigger location, “This week alone we’ve hired more than 40 people,” Jursik said, “and our goal is to, hopefully, hire 40 or 50 more.”

“When all is said and done, we’d like to be at around 150 employees out of that office,” he said.

So far, the market is growing just as officials with the compay had expected.

“(We) figured in mid-2013 it would take off, and we’re definitely seeing that on our side of things,” Jursik added, noting that the average person might not realize how big Ohio’s oil and gas industry has become.

“It’s more in the rural areas, a lot of the activity goes on in rural areas,” he said. “A lot of people don’t get out to see what’s going on.”

He said the company’s market share continues to grow in all three states, “(though) we’re seeing a larger increase in work in Ohio itself, which is good. It’s good to see all the work going on here, in Ohio, where we live and are based.”