Toronto students raise funds for cancer research

TORONTO – Pupils and students from the city high school participated in a Relay for Life on April 26 aimed at “Rocking Out Cancer” and ended up raising $3,264 for the Jefferson County Unit of the American Cancer Society.

The amount was double what teams in the high school relay raised last year for the organization, according to Maureen Taggart, high school principal.

“Tabitha Merideth served as the coordinator for our 2013 Relay for Life campaign,” said Taggart. “She is our physical education and health teacher here at the high school. She came up with the idea to have student-led relay teams. This year’s theme was ‘Rock Out Cancer.’

“We had a total of eight teams formed,” continued Taggart, adding there were between 25 to 40 members per team. “Most of them were led by teachers. The goal of each team was to raise the most for the Jefferson County unit.”

Each team sponsored a variety of fundraising events and activities to raise funds, said Taggart, adding the top three teams were Team KISS Cancer Goodbye, which raised $757.35; Cancer Cowboys, which raised $551.43; and “The Team,” which raised $533.17. Taggart added students and staff walked 2,850 laps during the relay – equal to 570 miles.

“Some of the teams hosted talent shows, while another painted rocks in honor of or in memory of someone who has struggled with cancer,” Taggart said. “The rocks were then displayed around the (relay perimeter).

“There were a lot of creative fundraisers,” Taggart continued. “The students really got into it. The winning team won a lawn party cookout, which will happen sometime soon.”