Toronto hosts fire department training session

TORONTO – The city fire department hosted a training session involving a city structure and personnel from several neighboring fire departments on May 18.

The training at the former Lincoln Elementary School involved ladder and aerial training under the guidance of licensed instructor Pete Hines, a Columbus area firefighter, according to Frank McEwen, Toronto fire chief.

(Hines’) assignment was to instruct members of the Toronto Fire Department – both paid and volunteers – as well as members of the Pottery Addition, Irondale, Morristown and Harrisville volunteer fire departments in aerial and ground ladder use and operations during a structure fire,” said McEwen. “Members also were instructed in forcible entry. A burn barrel was used to create heavy smoke conditions. Members then advanced a hand line into the building to extinguish the fire and ventilate smoke.”

McEwen said the training involved several facets of the proper use of ladders to keep safe and gain entry to a structure.

“While training members used the Toronto aerial truck for roof access as well as various ground ladders for access to the upper floors of the building,” said the chief, “instruction in various techniques for entry through windows and doors also were provided.

“The Toronto Fire Department wishes to thank the Petras family, owners of the former school, for allowing us to use the structure for training prior to them having it demolished,” continued McEwen. “Thanks to these types of hands-on training (procedures) and certified instructors, such as Pete Hines for this class and R.C. Fellows for previous classes, our department as well as others that participate in these sessions can work together and safer with the knowledge provided.”

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