Scholarships awarded at Brooke

WELLSBURG – Millions of dollars in scholarships were awarded to graduating Brooke High School seniors during the school’s annual scholarship awards night Thursday.

The scholarships included $38,000 from the Albert A. Christ Foundation; $90,150 donated by various individuals, businesses and groups through the efforts of the Brooke County Schools Education Foundation; $232,750 in West Virginia’s Providing Real Opportunities for Maximizing In-state Student Excellence scholarships and numerous scholarships presented by colleges and universities that night.

The state-funded P.R.O.M.I.S.E. scholarships provide $4,750 per year for tuition at public colleges and universities in the state to students who maintain a 3.0 grade-point average or better.

Brooke’s recipients are Austin Barnhart, Matthew Beaman, Morgan Boocks, Haley Bowman, Jackson Boyce, Ryan Browning, Alec Buchmelter, Devin Burns, Jackson Carey, Hannah Cebula, Justin Cervenak, Adam Chivers, Megan Cook, Courtney Deojay, Terria Duffy, Jonathan Eichner, Francesca Eggert, Elizabeth Fernandez, Garrett Fischer, Jessie Gambellin, Amber Govey, Sarah Hardsouk, Tessa Henderson, Brice Hickey, Tyler Hooper, Jacob Hruschak, Dakota Hudson, Eric Johnson, Mikaela Keener, Brent Kimball, Brianna Leathers, Connor McClain, Ryan Mezan, Kameron Miller, Kirsten Minger, Michael Morris, Colin Moser, Matthias Naill, Breanna Pawlowski, Christopher Poling, Kassidi Reitter, Alexis Richards, Austin Schambaugh, Alicia Sims, Justin Taflan, Michael Valentine, Shelby Wade and Savannah Wohnhas.

Toni Shute, principal, announced 23 students received $1,000 scholarships and 10 received $1,000 scholarships through the Albert A. Christ Foundation.

The recipients are Austin Barnhart, Matthew Beaman, Haley Bowman, Jackson Boyce, Ryan Browning, Alec Buchmelter, Devin Burns, Juliet Casinelli, Hannah Cebula, Justin Cervenak, Haley Dalton, Francesca Eggert, Kristen Ewing, Garrett Fischer, Jessie Gambellin, Amber Govey, Kayla Hancer, Sarah Hardsouk, Brice Hickey, Emily Hosler, Jacob Hruschak, Dakota Hudson, Brent Kimball, Kirsten Minger, Matthias Naill, Alysia Paesano, Breanna Pawlowski, Alexis Richards, Alicia Sim, Michael Valentine, Shelby Wade, Hunter Wallace and Savannah Wohnhas.

Shute said since the Brooke County Schools Education Foundation was formed 22 years ago, the group has generated $857,300 in scholarships for more than 4,700 Brooke High School seniors. The scholarships have been funded by area businesses, civic groups and others, including members of its board of trustees, who have personally contributed $25,500 over the years. Receiving scholarships directly from the foundation’s board of trustees were Alec Buchmelter, Jessie Gambellin, Jordan Harlan, Ricky Molnar, Alysia Paesano, Kassidi Reitter, Hunter Wallace, Savannah Wohnhas and Michael Zago.

Among the foundation’s biggest benefactors is Wheeling-Nisshin Inc., which awarded 10 $1,500 scholarships to Austin Barnhart, Jackson Boyce, Justin Cervenak, Sarah Hardsouk, Kameron Miller, Kirsten Minger, Breanna Pawlowski, Hannah Schoolcraft, Austin Schambaugh and Shelby Wade.

A scholarship in memory of Lee James, a 1999 Brooke graduate, went to Alex Sperlazza.

Three of the school’s older memorial scholarships are the Roger Simpson Award, Richard Whitehead Award and Robert “Buzz” Rocchio Award,

The Roger Simpson Award is given each year to a student who has excelled in academics and athletics and is said to have earned the respect of the school’s coaches, who select each year’s recipient, and teammates.

It’s named for Roger Simpson, a Follansbee High School baseball player who died in 1964 as a result of an accidental collision with another player during a game. Austin Schambach received the award and a $2,500 scholarship with it. Schambach also received scholarships from booster groups for the Brooke basketball and baseball teams, Mark and Laura Hone and and in memory of Vincent “Sonny” Rea, W.C. Hood and John Rasz.

Since 1999 the Richard M. Whitehead Award has been given to an outstanding female athlete and student in honor of the late Richard Whitehead, who was a Brooke County teacher, principal and superintendent and officiated many track and field events. This year’s recipient is Kameron Miller, who was awarded a $500 scholarship in his honor as well as scholarships from the Wellsburg Lions, Reasner Funeral Home and Brooke Tennis Boosters.

The Buzz Rocchio Award is named for a Brooke High School band and choir member who died in an automobile accident in 1971. Rocchio was named to the all-state choir and all-state band. This year’s recipient, Kassidi Reitter, was awarded a $250 scholarship as well as one for being one of three winners of the school’s Queen of Queens contest.

Shute presented two Principal’s Awards, each $1,500, to Juliet Casinelli and Brent Kimball for their service to the community.

Other recipients were:

Matthew Beaman: Weirton Area Realtors, Track Boosters.

Janna Bright: Doris Bird Memorial.

Haley Bowman: Cheerleading Boosters.

Alec Buchmelter: Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival, Derek “Ike” Eisenhauer Memorial, Joel Cross Memorial, 1990 Brooke Football Memorial (Jerry Winters and Randy Cunningham), Basketball Boosters, Baseball Boosters, Football Boosters.

Deanna Bucon: Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Gupta.

Jackson Carey: Tennis Boosters.

Juliet Casinelli: Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival, Brooke Queen of Queens, Weirton Area Junior Achievement, C.F. Walker Memorial, Merle and Catharine Gaudio Memorial, Cross Country Boosters.

Hannah Cebula: Colliers Alumni, Swim Boosters.

Adam Chivers, Cross Country Boosters.

Elizabeth Chuma: Pugliese Foundation.

Marena Cline: Girls Basketball Boosters, Softball Boosters, Soccer Boosters.

Megan Cook: Alfonse DiCostantino Memorial.

Haley Dalton: Weirton Rotary.

Nathan Dawson: Wrestling Boosters.

Cody Dodd: Mark and Lauren Hone, James and Frank Rosso Memorial.

Avery Drake: Pugliese Foundation.

Teirria Duffy: Cheerleading Boosters.

Kristen Ewing: Brooke Area AARP.

Elizabeth Fernandez: Cheerleading Boosters.

Garrett Fischer: Marissa Rhodes Memorial.

Colton Fritz, Cross Country Boosters, Basketball Boosters.

Jessie Gambellin: Carlin Dodrill Memorial, Basketball Boosters.

Victoria Gerst, Brooke Queen of Queens, Michael Cipoletti Memorial.

Amber Govey: Colliers Alumni, William “Catfish” Hearst Memorial, Cross Country Boosters, Track Boosters.

Sarah Hardsouk: Soccer Boosters.

Jordan Harlan: First National Bank, Track Boosters.

Ryan Heaton: St. Anthony’s 20,000 Basketball Shot Club, Russell Schwertfeger, Basketball Boosters.

Brice Hickey: Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Gupta, Weirton Medical Center Staff and Auxiliary (two), Wellsburg Lions.

Karlee Hilt: Doug Jones Memorial, Bob “Weeno” Kins Memorial.

Tyler Hooper: Soccer Boosters.

Emily Hosler: Wellsburg Civic League, Franklin Woman’s Club, Cheerleading Boosters.

Amber Isinghood: Brooke County PTA/Robert Lindsey, Volleyball Boosters.

Eric Johnson: Reasner of Wellsburg, Russell Schwertfeger, Bobby Conley Memorial, Basketball Boosters, Baseball Boosters.

Mikaela Keener: Pugliese Foundation.

Brianna Kowalsky: Brooke County PTA/Robert Lindsey, American Federation of Teachers, Alpha Delta Kappa, Stacey Roach Memorial.

Briana Leathers: Dr. Krishan Aggarwal.

Marissa Marino: Swim Boosters.

Raleigh Mason: George Hubbs Memorial, Football Boosters.

Samantha Mazzone: Stacey Roach Memorial, Volleyball Boosters.

Ryan Mezan: Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Gupta.

Kirsten Minger: Brooke County PTA/Robert Lindsey, Weirton Area Junior Achievement, William Eric Thomas Memorial, Harry and Harriet Reitter Memorial.

Nathan Morris: Track Boosters.

Zac Morris: Harry and Elrita Lazear Memorial, Football Boosters.

Colin Moser: James and Janet Benzo, Anthony Paesano, C.F. Walker Memorial, Baseball Boosters.

Brooke Murdock: Volleyball Boosters.

Matthias Naill: Frank Musante Music.

Katie Nunley: Cheerleading Boosters.

Lauren O’Brien, Lou Serra Foundation, Derek “Ike” Eisenhauer Memorial.

Alysia Paesano: 20th Century Woman’s Club.

Chance Pattison, American Federation of Teachers.

Sara Riggs, Swim Boosters.

Ben Rodgers: WesBanco.

Tiffany Rosnick, Volleyball Boosters.

Jake Schwertfeger: Doug Jones Memorial, Jeff Ulrich Memorial.

Nicole Shorts: Brooke County Education Association.

Emma Simon, Harry and Elrita Lazear Memorial.

Angie Smith, Brooke County PTA/Robert Lindsey, American Federation of Teachers. Edward Nogay Memorial. Smith also was presented a quilt made by the Overbrook Towers Quilters, a group with the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, continuing a yearly tradition.

Alex Sperlazza, Wellsburg Lions, Frances Canestraro Memorial, Cheerleaders Boosters.

Michael Valentine: Weirton Area Junior Achievement.

Shelby Wade: Brooke County Federation of Democratic Women, Colliers Alumni, Gayle Montgomery Memorial.

Cody Wagoner: Koppers.

Hunter Wallace: Basketball Boosters.