Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Eric and Jamie Traczyk to Betty Love, lot 209, Dillsworth Addition.

Ridgetop Capital LP to Bruner Land Co. Inc., 147.58 acres, Island Creek Township.

Roseanne Zeigler to Roseanne and Larry Zeigler, lot 171, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship.)

Ida O’Hara to Patrick O’Hara, part outlot 2, Linduff.

Nancy Kendjorsky to John Kendjorsky, lots 20-21, Brooks.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Christopher Gorney, lots 19, 20, 22, 26, 31-34, Garrettson Fourth.

Earl Davenport to Judy McDowell, 0.82 acre, 0.90 acre and metes, Wayne Township.

Rodney Bell (deceased) to Wyatt Pugh and others, metes, Mount Pleasant Township; and lot 24, Charlestown.

James and Betty Robbins Sr. to Ethan Robbins, metes, Wayne Township.

Carol Anderson (deceased) to Russell Anderson, 5.735 acres, Wayne Township; 1.8 acres, Cross Creek Township; and 17.243 acres, Wayne Township.

Mary McHugh (deceased0 to Brian McHugh, 0.337 acre, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., lot 142, Country Club Estates; and part lots 42-43, Simmons & Foster.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of America, metes, Salem Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Liberty Savings Bank, lot 46, Hollywood.

Cynthia Puckett to Jeffrey Puckett, metes, Springfield Township.

Mary Rankin (deceased) to Jeffrey Rankin and Kathleen Rankin, Unit 4365, Steeple Chase.

Rick Mellott Sr. to Michael Mellott, lot 64, Original New Somerset.

David Joseph (deceased) to William Herrmann, lot 12, Hillcrest.

Arlene Fray (deceased) to Charles Fray, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Robert Hickle (deceased) to Black Cat Properties LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; metes, Wayne Township.

Cindi and Anthony Gratchen to Rick Burnworth, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Eric Burnworth to Rick Burnworth, metes, Cross Creek Township.

William Green (deceased) to Rosemary Green, lots 1-7, Casey’s Addition; lot 127, Kelly & Hess; metes, Springfield Township.

Robert Brettell Bankruptcy Estate to G&M Smith Family LLC, 13.488 acres, Steubenville Township.

James and Paula Hudson to Paul and Dana Brown, 16.6722 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Kathleen Bell (deceased) to Martin Bell, lots 11-12, Wilkinson & Stewart Addition.

Martin Bell to Martin Bell and Shelly Alford, lots 11-12, Wilkinson & Stewart (survivorship).

John Johnson and Lisa Radick to Sherd and Susan Pardee, 5.0097 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Lee Ann Realty and others to Innovative Groceries Corp., part lots 1-4, 11-14 and 19-20, Robertson First.

Rose Filler to Todd Filler, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Alberta Dixon (deceased) to William Dixon, 0.414 acre, Smithfield Township.

Alice Baker to Robert Baker, 7.207 acres, Springfield Township.

Alice Baker to William Baker, 19.001 acres, Springfield Township.

Brady and Merrilee Thomas to Mark and Neysa Rogers, lots 20-21, Shelly Addition (survivorship).

Gregory and Christine Dormer to Alyssa Burkey, part lot 79, Clark Second.

Lloyd Nalley (deceased) to Dona Nalley, lot 232, Country Club Estate.

Donna Nalley to Donna Nalley and Kristen Carnansky, lot 232, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Bonita Kmatz (deceased) to Walter Kmatz and others, metes, Springfield Township.

Joseph Kmatz Jr. and Bonita Kmatz (both deceased) to Walter Kmatz and others, 23.43 acres, Springfield Township.

Thomas Fregiato (deceased) to Evelyn Fregiato, metes, Island Creek Township.

James Jewett (deceased) to David Jewett and others, lots 1-3, 9-11, 13-20, Willow Bank Farm.

Eugene and Dorothy Calabrese to Toronto Properties LLC, 0.112 acre, Island Creek Township; lot 108, Walton Acres No. 2; lots 142-143, Robert Clark Third; lots 4-5, Sinclair First; lot 1, 3 and 7, Banfield Improvement, and lots 36-43, Morris First.

William and Janene Smith Jr. to Candace and Carmen DeStefano, lot 8 and part lot 9, Midler (survivorship).

Delbert and Barbara Oldham to Jeff Bruzzese, lot 137, Country Club Estates.

James Boyer (deceased) to Elizabeth Boyer, lot 234, Pleasant Heights Improvement vacated; and lot 235, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Elizabeth Boyer to Laura Marks and Tonia Revay, lot 234, Pleasant Heights Improvement vacated; and lot 235, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Louis and Nicki Giannamore Jr. to K2 Real Estate LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; and part lot 26, Green Acres.

Twila Stone (deceased) to Richard Stone, 0.59 acre, Springfield Township.

Robert Grimm (deceased) to Margery Grimm, lots 22-23, Findley Gardens.

Cheryl and Thomas Connery to Robert and Carolyn Strobel, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Daryl and Elizabeth Strobel to Robert and Carolyn Strobel, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

James and Donna Strobel to Robert and Carolyn Strobel, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Joanne Augenstein to Larry Middleton, lot 169, Buena Vista Heights.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to George Lollathin Jr., lot 94, Mary Norman Addition.

James Saunders (deceased) to Catherine Saunders, metes, Salem Township.

Norma Evangelista to Guido Evangelista, lot 22, Moon Valley Estates.

Edward Palombizio (deceased) to Edward Palombizio Jr., 9,658 square feet, Steubenville Township.

James and Sandra Barber to Gary and Karen Barber, lot 35, Parr’s Second (survivorship).

Tina Scelsi (deceased) to Shirley Ogden, part lot 15, Original Smithfield.

Wells Fargo to Jeffrey and Oma Wszeborowski, lot 109, Altamont.

Innovative Groceries Corp. to North Fourth and Main LLC, part lots 1-4, Robertson First.

Innovative Groceries Corp. to Toronto DOHP VIII LLC, part lots 12-13 and 20 and lots 11, 14 and 19, Robertson’s First.

Kelly White to Jared White, metes, Ross Township.

Fannie Mae to Hilltop Properties of WV LLC, 0.804 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Clifford Bernard to James Rice, 1.9366 acres, Wayne Township.

Betty Dolenc (deceased) to Sonya Dolenc, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Vance Realty Associates Inc. to OME-RESA Info Technology Center, lot 3-6 and part lot 7, Linduff.

Kenneth Clark and Mary McDonald to Eddie and Bonnie Fiddler, lot 77, Carr’s New Addition (survivorship).

Kathryn Adams to Melissa and William Timko, lot 6, Marshall Duvall proposed (survivorship).

Janice Petrozzi and others to Gregory Verhovec and Gary Verhovec, 1.0282 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Timothy and Melissa Morris, lots 30-31, Manhattan.

GMAC Mortgage to Housing & Urban Development, lots 186-189, Riverview Terrace.

Federal National Mortgage Association to HSBC Bank, lot 14, Brentwood Estates.

HSBC Bank to Dino Magazzeni, lot 14, Brentwood Estates.

Linda Morrow (deceased) to Lori Piergallini and Colleen Haines, lot 11, John Spahn’s Third.

Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Theodore Riffle Sr. (deceased) to Edna Riffle, metes, Knox Township.

Fannie Mae to Daria Clark, 4.843 acres, Knox Township.

Darrell Brown to Darrell and Jackie Brown, 0.421 acre, Salem Township; lots 21-23, Minor & McLaughlin Second (survivorship.)

Terry Zamski and others to Cynthia Schneider and others, 15.8525 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship.)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nedra Boggs, lot 28, Forest View.

Roberta and James McAfee to Sondra Biacco, lot 256, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, part lot 14 and lot 15, Original Toronto.

Thomas Brettell (deceased) to Susan Huggins, lots 14-15, Eastview.

Jeannine Flanagan to James Flanagan Jr., 0.944 acre, Salem Township.

Michael Lamantia to Jess Lamantia, 2.06 acres, Salem Township.

Anita Frazee to Robert Frazee, lot 69, Longvue.

Jennifer Sarlo to James Sarlo, part lot 12, Pleasant Heights.

Lily Bianco (deceased) to Johnathan and Shannon Beier, part lot 5, Martin Andrews Trustee Addition (survivorship.)

Debra DiCarlo to CF Bank, 0.517 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Housing & Urban Development to Anthony Porco, part lot 5, Hannah Ollum First.

Housing & Urban Development to Teresa Bowers, lot 3 and part lot 2, Ralph Haynes Addition.

Regina Smith (deceased) to Gary Search, part lot 173, Robert Clark’s Third.

Gary Search to Sandra Yocum, part lot 173, Robert Clark’s Third.

Gerald Cornish Sr. (deceased) to Jeffrey Cornish, lots 134-135, Mariedale proposed.

Walter and Audrea Vittek to Jessica Vittek, lots 137-138, Walker’s Second.

Fred and Diana Fellows to Robert and Teresa Calhoun, lot 13, Garrettson First; and lot 8, Hammon Brothers First (survivorship.)

Housing & Urban Development to PHH Mortgage Corp., 3.833 acres, Island Creek Township.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David Clark, lot 26, Lincoln Heights.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Teresa Bowers, lots 86-87, Lawrence Heil’s Addition.

Jay Foster to Breann Lamantia and others, lot 8, Banfield.

Joyce Howes to Ronald and Sarah Figurski, 12.9986 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Bernard Bickerstaff (deceased) to Joan Bickerstaff, lot 12, Beverly Hills Ninth.

Federal National Mortgage Association to CR Capital Group LLC, 0.472 acre, Island Creek Township.

Dorothy Andrews (deceased) to Thomas Andrews, lot 146, Becker Highlands.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP, part lot 92, Labelleview.