Rayland officials concerned about vandalism

RAYLAND – Vandalism at Rayland’s Mazeroski Park might result in changes in the village’s property insurance coverage.

Village Administrator Rich Bibbo recently reported to Village Council that he had talked to an insurance adjuster about the vandalism.

Included among the problems was a drinking fountain, which was pushed over, resulting in the water connections being broken. The fountain was not insured.

Bibbo distributed a schedule listing village property insured as well as amounts. He asked what officials wanted to do about coverage levels.

Councilwoman Carolyn Tolonese thought this should be considered by a committee rather than taking time in a council meeting, and Fiscal Officer Rick Soos suggested an insurance company representative meet with the committee.

It was noted increasing coverage levels would raise the premium.

Bibbo contacted the insurance company, and a representative couldn’t attend a committee meeting at night so he met with the village administrator during the day. The representative viewed all village-owned property and large equipment, doing a re-evaluation. A new insurance schedule will be sent to officials.

Several matters were brought to officials’ attention by Soos, who distributed a color-coded March financial statement, explaining which numbers should match to ensure the village’s books are balanced and in order.

Soos also reported the village received the reissuance of two checks from the state, dating from 2010, which apparently had not been cashed in a timely manner. He added the village still is waiting on a “stale” check from 2008 to be reissued.

According to Soos, Solicitor Joseph Vavra had e-mailed him about the possible deannexation of the Narrows Road in addition to a model ordinance and application regarding yard sales.

Previously, Councilman Bob Conrad had asked if anything could be done to eliminate perpetual yards sales. Bibbo at that time referred the matter to Vavra, who said council could adopt an ordinance regarding this issue.

Councilman Roger Beck asked whether work had been done about the manhole cover on Church Street. The cover, which is askew, has been discussed at several sessions, and Mayor Tammy Morelli told him John Schultz of Schultz Excavating is planning to fix it.

Noting the mayor’s request for a volunteer to help in applying for a $5,000 JB Green Team grant next year, Tolonese asked what has to be done.

She also asked if Conrad had installed a timer on the state Route 7 overpass light on Main Street, as discussed previously. The timer hasn’t been received yet.

Presenting a photo of the streetlight on Ohio Street and its shading, Tolonese said the shading hasn’t solved the problems, which she brought up previously, as the light has been redirected to unshaded portions.

There has a misunderstanding, as the previous ordinance approved by council was to shade the west side of the light. Tolonese noted she wants the light out altogether but as a compromise is willing to settle for additional shading. She made a motion to have AEP shade the north, west and south sides of the light.

Some officials objected to shading the north side, so she agreed to strike the north side from the motion and made another motion for shading on the west and south sides; it was seconded by Beck.

Councilwoman Brenda Staats said she has had enough of the debate about the light and, in her opinion, council has more important things to discuss. The motion was approved 3-1 with Councilwoman Candy Bibbo dissenting.

Staats asked about obtaining a Dumpster for a village cleanup, adding if one is obtained, it should be advertised. Morelli indicated she would work on this matter. Morelli said the ordinance about junked cars needs to be enforced. She also mentioned a speeding problem, adding it is difficult to find police officers to work for the minimum wage.

The mayor also reported a $1,000 check had been received from the JB Green Team to purchase environmentally friendly mulch and a bench for the park.

Village Administrator Bibbo said village employee Bill Cole had returned to work on a part-time, light duty basis after being injured.

At a previous meeting, Morelli discussed attending a Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission session, where she learned the sidewalk replacement project on the west side of Main Street will begin in June; Community Development Block grant funds were approved for the project.

She said the village is seeking in excess of $5,000 in park and recreation grant funds from the county for benches, a drinking fountain replacement, pads for under the sliding boards and walking trail work.

Bibbo reported on progress related to the proposed grant application regarding a sewer line replacement and the Warren Street pump station. Estimated cost is $300,000.

Rayland received its $2,000 allotment from the county with $1,000 going for blacktop for patching and $1,000 for a salt purchase, according to the village administrator.

Council accepted the resignation of Kira Jones, utilities clerk, with regret.