Indian Creek honors scholars

WINTERSVILLE – According to Indian Creek High School science teacher Brandon Pendelton, there are three things in life that will make you successful no matter what.

Pendleton addressed students and their families during the school’s annual Gold Key Scholar awards banquet held Sunday at St. Florian Hall.

“Set a bedtime, so you can go to class or work well rested,” he began. “You will be more attentive and productive. Your body will thank you for that.

“Stay positive even when you think things are at their worst,” he continued. “There is a lot of negativity in the world and sometimes being positive might be all you have.

“And finally, make a plan, but always have a Plan B. Hopefully you will never need to use it, but it is nice to have when you need it.”

Pendleton, a native of Bloomingdale, graduated from ICHS in 1998 and was a Gold Key scholar, a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Ski Club and Molnar’s Mountaineers.

Gold Key awards are given to students who have completed 11 consecutive trimesters with a 3.5 grade-point average or better. Seniors receiving those awards included Ashley Bolitho, Kasey Celestin, Ali Collaros, Jared Conn, Arianna Cozart, Payton Dixon, Taylor Fante, Levi Flesher, Emily Frazer, Darren Gribble, Brandon Hammack, Jacob Mamula, Megan Markja, Breyanne Mays, Alyssa Moran, Brooke Piergallini, Andre’a Trice, Zoe Weaver, Karli Wilson, Evan Winfield and Anthony Young.

Students who completed eight consecutive trimesters with a 3.5 GPA higher were presented with the Silver key award. Those honored included seniors, Isaac Foldi, Page Fowler and Brandon Galownia; and juniors, Alyssa Aldridge, Chelsea Dalrymple, Jonathan Davis, Cody Durbin, Jessica Eckersberg, Adam Freshwater, Jessica Furdan, Hallie Gambill, Malicka Gurrera, Shannon Kovach, Cameron Lamatrice, Kylee Lash, Jasmine Lenko, Tye Levi, Whitney Martin, Alexis Monroe, Bryan O’Neill, Abigail Orr, Kelsey Pool, Russell Ratcliffe, Trevor Scott, Kristen Shimko, Ryan Stewart, Abbie Straughn, Emily Todoroff, Nico Treglia, Annika Trikones, Hannah Webb, Tanner Wise and Jocelyn Wolpert.

Bronze Key awards were presented to students who have completed five consecutive semesters with a 3.5 GPA or better. Students presented with the awards included seniors, Amy Chappell, Emily Kauk, Carley Martin, Hannah Siember, Nicholas Stewart and Jessica Weisberger; juniors, Sonia Constable, Mallorie Sullivan and Tanner Tice; and sophomores, Abilgail Bevilacqua, Nolan Burchfield, Zachary Crawford, Emily Crossley, Marissa DeFallo, Skyler Dye, Kaleb Everhart-Knowlton, Nicholas Fortunato, Michael Freshwater, Tyler Gaydosh, Paige Geanangel, Abby Greco, Jordan Herald, Maxwell Lewis, Martina Marco, Amber Meszaros, Madison Rees, Eric Renzelli, Joshua Shield, Sean Smith, Brooke Spence, Steven Westlake and Cole Yeater.

Certificates also were presented to students who have completed two semesters with a 3.5 GPA or better including seniors, Alexus Bennett, Jacob Craft, Paige DeMattio, Brooke Goodrich, Brooke Gravelle, Lorna Kovalchik, Alex LaRue, Cody Lawson, Robert Lenko III, Ashley Martin, Ian McIntosh, Robert Mitchell III, Morgan Rauch, Derrick Rees, Ashley Renforth, Drew Sullivan, Jacob Vargo and Russell Whanger; juniors, Ryan Nonemaker, Samuel Saum, Jenna Scarabino, Jonathan Woodbury and Skylyn Wright; sophomores, Madeline Billick, Chelsea Bonnet, Zachary Connor, Samantha Farnsworth, Austin Loppe, Isabella Nicosia, Mitchell Porter and Paige Thompson; and freshmen, Caleb Agin, Cheyanne Allen, Jaid Bly, Cheyenne Bodnar, Alexandra Burger, Samantha Byrd, James Cable, Jonathan Dailey, Bethany Davis, Allyssa DiPietro, Joseph Donley, Nicholas Donohue, Ashley Durbin, Jonathyn Gravelle, Adrian Greco, Sara Kauk, Lucas Kennedy, Devin Kniszek, Andrew Markja, Lauren Marracino, Tristan McDonald, Brianna Piergallini, Matthew Thomas, Harrison Trikones, Gage Turner, Sierra Vajalik, Zachary Wajda, Kyle Weaver and Zachary Williams.

The Gold Key Scholar teacher honorees are chosen by each Gold Key Scholar and honor teachers the students believed contributed to and influenced their academic career and personal success. This year’s award winners include Cathy DiBenedetto, mathematics and social studies teacher at Indian Creek Middle School; Joseph Dunlevy, mathematics teacher at Indian Creek High School; Susan Hammack, kindergarten teacher at Hills Elementary; Jonathan Hoover, social studies teacher at ICHS; Frank Lokmer, Spanish teacher at ICHS; John Minor, social studies teacher at ICHS; David Moffat, business information systems teacher at ICHS; Brandon Pendleton, science teacher at ICHS; Cynthia Phillippi, art teacher at ICHS; Mildred Prantil, French and literature teacher at ICHS; Peggy Pyle, social studies teacher at ICHS; Julie Robinson, home economics teacher at ICHS; Terri Starkey, language arts teacher at ICHS; Barbara Turner, science teacher at ICHS; and Elida Petrella, economics teacher at ICHS.