Demolitions discussed in Toronto

TORONTO – The city’s continued demolition of derelict structures was discussed during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Mayor John Geddis said the city is continuing its efforts to rid the city of dilapidated structures, and in 2013 the city had budgeted enough for five structures to be condemned and torn down.

“We’ve talked about some house numbers,” said Geddis, adding he’s discussed the issue with council. (City Auditor) Joe Motto has enough funds in the budget for (the project).”

Geddis said he’s asked council for lists of candidates that have been abandoned. He added the city has to go through an elaborate procedure to officially condemn a structure and demolish it.

“Most of these (houses) have been vacant for years,” said the mayor, adding the were beyond repair and a blight on neighborhoods.

He added some of the dilapidated buildings were attracting vermin as well and lowering neighboring property values as well. He said the city has yet to decided which structures fit the criteria.

“By mid-July we hope to have some bids ready (for demolition),” said the mayor.

In other business:

Council passed a resolution of sympathy marking the death of John Mctheny Sr., who served with Toronto Police for 10 years as a captain.

Councilman at large Ron Holmes, also a city school district bus driver, asked residents to be mindful Thursday is the last day of classes for the district and to use caution on city streets.