Millsop center has a new digital sign


Staff writer

WEIRTON – After months of legal wrangling, Millsop Community Center has a new digital sign.

Board of Parks and Recreation Director Terry Weigel said Monday they’d reached agreement with the vendor, Signs Ltd., to replace the non-working sign. The new digital sign uses a different cabinet manufacturer than the original design, which city officials said had been problematic from the start. The cabinet manufacturer went out of business, however, leaving the vendor liable for any problems that might erupt.

“It’s not the same exact sign,” said Weigel, who does double-duty as Ward 7 councilman. “It’s a different manufacturer. The biggest problem with the old sign was there were problems that were caused by the cabinet, but the cabinet manufacturer went out of business. It was a big problem, they weren’t going to cover their warranty.”

The sign, commissioned in 2008, was part of Millsop Community Center’s extensive facade renovations. The board had planned to use the LED sign, which cost them nearly $61,000, to tout recreational activities in the community, particularly the sports camps, leagues and special events held at Millsop throughout the year.

They were never able to achieve its full potential, however, and in September, the park board authorized legal action after efforts to reach an out-of-court solution fell short. The sign company originally had offered to replace the digital sign with a lesser model at the city’s expense, but the park board objected.

“I appreciate them making this right,” Weigel said. “I realize they bought the cabinet from the manufacturer, and then they went out of business and , didn’t honor warranty. They got stuck.”