Hygiene lesson at EGCC taught to Karaffa pupils

TORONTO – Pupils at Karaffa Middle School recently learned about proper dental care courtesy of students at Eastern Gateway Community College.

The demonstration was a way to give pupils knowledge about how to take care of their teeth to prevent problems in the future, according to Katie Long, district nurse.

“We had (students studying dental hygiene at EGCC) come in and present a dental hygiene program to pupils at Karaffa Middle School,” said Long.

“They had pupils engaged in hands-on activities, including brushing plaque from replicated teeth and guessing games. They had to guess which foods were good or bad for teeth.”

According to Long, children were versed on lessons on proper brushing techniques, the best times to brush and what foods make a difference on tooth enamel, said Long.

“The presentation was conducted in Cheryl King’s room to (teachers) Patty Lamantia’s third-graders and Mary Jo Kuhn’s first-graders,” said Maureen Taggart, school principal. “The presentation incorporated a lesson on proper brushing techniques, what foods are good and bad to eat, how bad foods affect your teeth and when the best times are to brush your teeth. Pupils were engaged in several hands-on activities, including brushing plaque from replicated teeth.”

“Pupils went home with goody bags that included tooth brushes, tooth saver necklaces, letters to their parents on the presentation and follow-up information to help further the discussion of dental hygiene at home,” said Long.