Council seeks to fill a vacancy

DILLONVALE – Village Council is seeking a new member to fill a vacancy.

Christine Lollathin submitted her resignation from council earlier this month, and council decided to advertise the post in the newspaper.

In other matters, council members have decided to sell an old backhoe and also discussed the Dillonvale-Mount Pleasant community cleanup, which is planned Wednesday and April 25.

The street/sanitation committee reported the cleanup will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and village residents are asked to call the city building at (740) 769-2570 if they want items to be picked up. Electronics, car and small truck tires without rims will be picked up; there is no charge for this service.

Officials also discussed the recently purchased backhoe, noting the back tire blew, splitting the tread. Since it is a used tire, the man who sold the backhoe to the village paid half the cost.

It was indicated the Dillonvale-Mount Pleasant Sewer District might be interested in the village’s old backhoe. Since the district is a political subdivision according to Ohio Revised Code, the village would be able to sell the backhoe without seeking bids. Determining what the backhoe is worth, officials decided $5,000 seemed to be a fair price.

A motion was approved to offer the backhoe to the sewer district for $5,000, with three members voting in favor and Councilman George Lollathin abstaining. The sewer department will have the backhoe checked out to see what repairs are needed.

Police Chief Scott Christian discussed some problems. Later, when reporting for the safety committee, he said four security lights on the city building are not lit. Just walking around, he counted 10 lights on the building. The street committee is being asked to check the lights.

The water committee reported all meter lids have been purchased, and the village is in the process of closing out an Environmental Protection Agency assistance agreement related to the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

Problems at the city garage were discussed, and Erb Electric and Mansuetto Roofing will submit quotations, according to the building committee.

The recreation committee noted the recreation director would like to open the gym as a recreation center for local youth, with activities provided for different age groups. The village’s insurance company was contacted and replied that background checks are needed for all volunteers, and waivers are to be signed by participants and volunteers. Volunteers will have to pay for the background checks.

Councilwoman Carla Heskett, reporting for the beautification committee, said St. John Central High School has a program involving students and interns serving 15 hours of community services for small villages, cities and churches.

Village officials indicated they would be interested in this type of service being provided by the students, but first will have to check with the village’s insurance company in regarding possible requirements.

Dulesky reported Highland Cemetery officials signed a contract for grass-cutting services scheduled to begin soon.

Dulesky and Councilman Brad Kurtz attended the most recent meeting of the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission, and Councilwoman Trisha Painter is to attend the next meeting.

Council’s next regular meeting will be at 6 p.m. on May 13 at the city building.