Community cleanup is set for Saturday

STEUBENVILLE – City residents are being encouraged to take time Saturday to help spruce up their neighborhoods.

“We are asking everyone to take some time Saturday to take pride in Steubenville and help keep our city clean. We are holding a community cleanup and urge residents to celebrate Earth Day by picking up litter on your street, trim shrubs and trees, rake up leaves in your yard and sweep your sidewalk,” said City Manager Cathy Davison.

“Other things our residents can do is to trim the grass along a sidewalk, remove weeds and tall grass from fence lines, pick up litter on a vacant lot, mow a vacant lot and paint a fence. And, say something positive about our city,” added Davison.

According to Steubenville Code Enforcement Officer Shawn Scott the city, in conjunction with the JB Green Team, is holding a tire collection from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

“Anyone who wants to discard old tires can take them to the corner of Lincoln and Wilson avenues across from the old Lincoln School, the vacant lot on Union Avenue or the water tower lot on Maryland Avenue. We will accept car tires and small truck tires with or without rims,” noted Scott.

“We are slowly seeing the number of discarded tires decrease. But, I am asking anyone with tires they no longer want to bring those tires to our drop-off sites Saturday. We still see and find too many tires simply left on a street corner or tossed over a hillside,” said Scott.

“We are also putting the people who are dumping trash on the hilltop on notice. Anyone caught dumping trash will face littering charges. I am also urging residents to make sure their trash is in a plastic bag and put in a trash can with the lid secured. This is not a dumping area,” stressed Scott.

The Hilltop Community Development Corp. is also holding its annual spring litter cleanup in the Pleasant Heights and LaBelle neighborhoods.

“We are asking our neighborhood residents to help us keep our neighborhood free of litter. Anyone who can’t participate Saturday can also assist us in a small way by picking up litter that is on or near your property, street or alley. Place the litter in a plastic bag and leave it on the corner of your block and a volunteer will come by Saturday morning and remove the bagged litter,” stated Teresa DiCarlantonio of the Hilltop CDC.

“I suggest volunteers wear older clothing. Volunteers are encouraged to meet at 10 a.m. at Piece of Pie Park on LaBelle or the Trinity Medical Center East front parking lot. We will provide gloves and bags and a lunch coordinated by Carlotta Jordan will be provided after the cleanup is completed,” DiCarlantonio said.

Mike Florak of the community relations office at the Franciscan University of Steubenville has been encouraging university students to spend a couple hours Saturday helping to pick up litter in the city’s two hilltop neighborhoods.

“We ask our students to help in the community any time they can. We look forward to doing our part in keeping the community clean,” said Florak.

Andrew Radlicz, project director for Enactus, a university student organization. said he has enlisted a number of student volunteers and is asking other university students to join him Saturday.

“I have also asked members of my Prince of Peace household to join us for the hilltop litter cleanup Saturday morning,” added Radlicz.