Weirton Heights pupils put lessons on display

WEIRTON – Some of the pupils at Weirton Heights Elementary in the past few weeks have been putting together projects in observance of Black History Month while also preparing for the state’s writing assessment test.

Those pupils on Thursday, all part of Angela Glyptis’ reading class, presented their projects to classmates and family members.

Glyptis explained each pupil was asked to select an influential African-American historical figure. She provided a list of questions, and the pupils used a laptop computer to research their selected person to find a variety of facts.

“They did all the research on their own,” Glyptis explained.

Each presentation included the facts discovered about the historical figure, a timeline with four important dates in their lives and a map with four locations significant to the historical figure’s life.

“They did this for three weeks and worked so hard,” she said. “They’re excited to show it.”

Some of the selected historical figures included baseball hall-of-famer Jackie Robinson, President Barack Obama, civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., educator and scientist George Washington Carver, abolitionist and humanitarian Harriet Tubman, basketball hall-of-famer Michael Jordan, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and basketball player LeBron James.

In addition to the projects, the pupils wrote brief essays and then put them through a peer review process as part of preparations for the state’s writing assessment test, which will take place in April.