Toronto council passes revised budget

TORONTO – City Council passed a revised 2013 city budget during its regular meeting Monday.

The meeting was preceded by a public hearing on the budget, during which city Auditor Joe Motto broke down the budget numbers for council.

“We had the public hearing before council passed the budget,” said Mayor John Geddis, adding the budget had to be revised because of less income tax being garnered for the city because of layoffs at TIMET Corp. and less taxes reaped from state government. “It is a balanced budget.”

Geddis said the city will receive an estimated $142,000 less than originally projected, with about $100,000 less to be collected from income taxes because of the layoff of 77 workers at TIMET two weeks ago as well as one city business overpaying income taxes on employees working within the city. Geddis also said the budget was downsized an additional $42,000 because of less funds coming from state and county governments.

“We just got the figures last week from the (Jefferson County) auditor’s office,” said the mayor, adding funds distributed to local governments from the state aren’t going to be what they originally were projected for 2013.

Council passed the budget unanimously.

In other business:

Rick Trzaskoma, city planning and zoning director, told council the city is going to begin enforcing ordinances regarding boarding houses, according to the mayor.

“We’ve got two houses in the city now being used by oil and gas workers,” said Geddis, adding the city has specific guidelines on what constitutes a boarding house.

Geddis said the definition of a boarding house is a formula based on the number of people residing at the house who aren’t family members. Council previously passed an ordinance in 2007 regarding zoning of boarding houses.

Police Chief Randy Henry of City Police said officers are going to begin enforcing ordinances on junked or nonoperating vehicles on city streets and on properties.