Gas project set for downtown

STEUBENVILLE – Columbia Gas of Ohio is prepared to start its eighth infrastructure project in the city in mid-April, with $5 million in gas main replacement work set to begin in the downtown area.

Two informational meetings regarding the project for 250 customers will be held Wednesday at the Historic Fort Steuben Visitors Center.

“The afternoon meeting is for government officials as well as business owners in the downtown district. We will have a second meeting for the general public at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the visitors center. We will have the person who is an expert on this type of replacement project, the person who designed the project and the construction coordinator who will explain the scope of the project and what property owners and residents in the area can expect during the work,” explained Shane Cartmill, an external affairs specialist with Columbia Gas of Ohio.

“The area we will be working in will run from the South Street area to Washington Street and from state Route 7 to Ninth Street and Edgar Avenue. That work will tie into our next project, which is the Lawson Avenue area, that we may do later this year,” said Cartmill.

“Our first replacement project was in 2008, and when we do the Lawson Avenue replacement project, Columbia Gas of Ohio will have spent $14 million to replace the main gas line infrastructure,” noted Cartmill.

Cartmill said letters have been sent to all Columbia Gas of Ohio customers in the work area.

“We are doing replacement projects throughout the state. And we have similar projects in business districts. We plan to cause as little disruption to the businesses as possible. People might not even see anything for the first couple of weeks,” he explained.

Cartmill said the project will include replacing the current gas lines with specially designed plastic pipe.

“We will be replacing the main line as well as the service lines that run from the main line to the meter that serves the home or business. And during that process we relocated indoor gas meters to the outside of the home or business,” Cartmill explained.

“We will be replacing approximately 23,000 feet of pipe in that area. The streets we will be working on include Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth streets as well as Adams, Barclay, Butte, Commercial, Court, Lake Erie, Main and Market streets. We will also be working on Edgar, McFeeley and Webster avenues, North Alley and Short and South streets,” he stated.

Cartmill said the project is set for completion by this fall.