Action network opens local chapter

STEUBENVILLE – The National Action Network has opened a chapter in Steubenville, Chapter President Carol Ann Simmons announced this week.

The National Action Network is a civil rights organization founded and directed by the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York.

“The mission of the chapter is to protect and enforce the civil rights of all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, disability, veteran status and sexual orientation. The chapter accesses a crisis intervention data base in the event of a disaster and provides voter registration awareness, voter education and promotes political and economic status,” explained Simmons.

“Our organization seeks to eliminate discrimination practices in the justice system and investigate incarceration and sentencing disparities. We also promote and protect the health needs of the community through health care, health education and ensures equal access to health care facilities for all,” Simmons continued.

“Our chapter will promote religious and social partnerships in the community to provide help to those in need. We will also address discrimination in employment practices, provide job placement and assist with job stability where disparity in treatment is found. And we will work to enforce city, county, state and federal laws when applicable and will extend beyond the scope of those jurisdictions to work with necessary officials to enforce those laws and impose sanctions,” Simmons said.

“The chapter will address the educational needs of the community ensuring staff certifications, bullying policies, nutritional needs and equal rights and justice for all,” noted Simmons.

“The Steubenville chapter of the National Action Network is both proactive and reactive and will service Jefferson, Harrison, Belmont, Tuscarawas and Columbiana counties in Ohio as well as Hancock, Brooke and Ohio counties in West Virginia. I can be contacted at (740) 264-2361 for more information. In addition to myself, our chapter officers include Beverly Kelley, vice president; Genevieve Murray, secretary; Gerald Martin, treasurer; and Kenneth Martin, sergeant at arms,” Simmons remarked.