Water plant project advancing

WINTERSVILLE – Phase 1 of the village’s waste water treatment plant upgrade is moving along smoothly and was discussed during Thursday’s council meeting.

Village Administrator Walt Ziemba gave council members an overview of Phases 1 and 2 of the project.

“The construction company spent the last month excavating and pouring the UV floor and walls and back filled around the digester,” he explained. “They will begin excavating and pouring for the grit tank in the next month. We will also install a new KVA transformer at the plant to help with the electricity. The project is still on schedule.”

Phase 1 of the project will include headwords, new screening, grit and grease removal; new grit classifier building; new influent and effluent flow monitoring; new aerobic digester tank; new scum pump station; replace aeration diffusers; new belt filter press; rehab clarifiers; geodesic dome clarifier covers; UV disinfection system; update electrical system; add two new blowers; raise flow EQ tank wall; and asphalt resurfacing.

“We also recently received news that we are on the list for a 1 percent loan from DEFA,” he continued. “We will meet again with W.E. Quicksall next week to discuss including more technology in the lift stations with computer capability lines at the waste water treatment plant. This would include updates on the levels, if pumps go out, and just general checking of the lift stations. It would be a remote monitoring system.”

Council then approved a request from Ziemba to advertise for bids for the 2013 paving program.

“We have plans to pave Tera Manor as well as Selma and Janet streets this summer,” he stated. “We will also be adding another speed bump on Springdale.”

In other matters, council passed a third read on an ordinance addressing water rates.

“This ordinance states that there will now be an increase to the base rate, around $3 per month for residents and small businesses,” Mayor Bob Gale stated. “The increase will cover costs associated with repairs and equipment for water issues, as well as employee wages, benefits and health care. The rate increase will not affect usage of water, sewage or sanitation.”

Ziemba then updated council on this season’s salt purchases to date.

“We currently have used 1,400 tons of salt throughout the winter,” he noted. “We were allowed 1,725 tons from Morton. I am looking at working with ODOT in March to look at salt prices for next year.”

In other business:

Council passed a motion to allow Ziemba to purchase an alarm for the waste water treatment plant not exceeding $2,900.

Ziemba told council that a shale industry tank will be transported through the village on March 16.

Council approved the annual agreement between the village and the volunteer fire department.

The next council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on March 7 at the municipal building.