WLU reaches $3M for capital improvements

WEST LIBERTY – West Liberty University this year reached $3 million in donations in its capital campaign, making this the greatest fundraising year in the school’s history, according to officials.

The university announced the $22 million campaign goal in October, stating 70 percent of the improvement funds already had been raised. The university has reached 75 percent of its $4 million goal for the 2013 fiscal year ending June 30. The most the school previously had raised in a single fiscal year was $1.9 million, according to Jason Koegler, vice president of institutional advancement.

“As we wrap up the second quarter of fiscal year 2013, we don’t want to miss the chance to update everyone on the status of our capital campaign,” Koegler said. “This success is reflective of an alumni base that has recently become more engaged due to the school growing into a great university. We feel that investing in the school is an investment in the future of the Ohio Valley because our students are going to stay here and bring the Ohio Valley back.”

“We are so grateful to our friends, alumni and our major donors who have joined us in this historic campaign. West Liberty University has enjoyed an ongoing increase in enrollment, meaning the improvements that these gifts will fund are vital for our future,” said Angela Zambito-Hill, development director.

The campaign money raised will be used to fund construction of the Campbell Hall of Health Sciences and the renovation of Shaw Hall, the oldest building on campus.

The campaign also will fund the development of the school’s athletic facilities, including a lighting project for the football field. Koegler said teams now can only practice in the daytime.

“With lights on the field, we can have more intramural sports and have football games on Thursday nights. Not only will it benefit the football program, but the university in general,” Koegler said.

In addition, the university hopes to purchase new seats for Kelly Theatre and to upgrade the theater’s lighting and technology.