Sixth-annual Ice Bowl set for Saturday

STEUBENVILLE – Snow showers and a chilly 26 degrees will greet disc golf enthusiasts Saturday when the Beatty Park Disc Golf Association hosts the sixth-annual Ice Bowl.

Perfect weather for Bill Rohrey, who would prefer 20 degree temperatures and a light snow to coat the park.

“The Ice Bowl is a tradition that has been spreading all over the country. The first Ice Bowl was held in 1987 in Missouri and was a group of disc golf fans just trying to get some players together in the dead of winter,” explained Rohrey.

He said registration for the Ice Bowl will start at 10 a.m., with tee time starting at 11 a.m.

“We are a tough group of people, and we will be playing disc golf no matter what the weather is like. But I am hoping for some colder temperatures and a little snow so it won’t be too sloppy in the park,” stated Rohrey.

“The motto of the Ice Bowl is ‘No wimps, no whiners.’ And we have some very enthusiastic people who join us every year for our Ice Bowl,” related Rohrey.

He will be joined by his fellow disc golf enthusiasts from throughout the region as well as the Rev. Ashley Steele, executive director of the Urban Mission Ministries, and Ann Quillen, executive director of the Jefferson County Fourth Street Health Center.

“First Ward Councilman Gerald DiLoreto will throw the first disc to kick off the Ice Bowl. Gerald has been a strong supporter of Beatty Park and helped our efforts to create a disc golf course in the park,” he explained.

Rohrey said all Ice Bowl participants are asked to pay a $10 registration fee that will go to the health center and a large bag of canned and nonperishable food items to be donated to the Urban Mission.

“I will be there Saturday and am prepared to play,” laughed Steele.

Quillen said she will be joined by her husband, their three sons and a new daughter-in-law.

“We will have the entire Quillen crew there because it is a lot of fun,” added Quillen.

“Following the Ice Bowl, we will gather at the Spot Bar for a free hot lunch. We are inviting disc golf players and folks who just want to be there. Everyone is invited to join us at Beatty Park,” said Rohrey.

“Our tournament is open to all ages and skill levels. And if you don’t have a golf disc, we will have extra ones available for everyone to play,” Rohrey said.

“Individuals can compete or you can bring a team of players to have some fun and check out our new course,” added Rohrey. “This is a truly beautiful and very safe park and area residents should come just to see this park.

“This was a $6,600 expenditure by the city that offers an alternative form of recreation in this beautiful park. I think it has been a good investment that will grow as we bring more golfers here,” remarked Rohrey.

According to the official Ice Bowl Website, “The Ice Bowl is for all those disc golfers gutsy, crazy, desperate, or fun loving enough to join together in an act of disc golf solidarity around the world.”

Rohrey said the Ice Bowl is actually a worldwide event that takes place in different communities every winter.

“We love to play in all kinds of weather. It is fun and good exercise. And you meet some great people. We have been traveling to other areas to play disc golf and this is a chance to show off a beautiful historic Steubenville,” Rohrey stated.

“The goal for the 2013 Ice Bowl is to raise $300,000 on a global level

“Once you start playing, you really don’t notice the cold. This is great exercise,” observed Rohrey.

Information about the local Ice Bowl is available by calling (740) 424-1548.