JB Green Team unveils grant program

STEUBENVILLE – The JB Green Team announced today the organization now is accepting applications for the 2013 Recycling Initiatives grant program.

According to JB Green Team Executive Director Cliff Meyer, eligible applicants include townships, villages, cities, schools and nonprofit agencies.

“Applicants cannot possess a liquor license and must demonstrate a benefit for Jefferson or Belmont county residents,” he said.

“There are two types of grants. There is the community award and the comprehensive grant. The community award requires no match. And the maximum application is $1,000. Those projects must contain a recycling component or theme. Schools, government offices and nonprofits may seek funds to implement recycling at sporting events, purchase recycling bins and create awareness posters. The money can also be used to begin a reuse store or program so that unwanted items are not discarded. The grant can also be used to perform community litter cleanups and recycling activities,” said Meyer.

“The comprehensive grant projects must include a recycling or reuse initiative. Eligible applicants may apply for funding between $1,001 and $5,000 and must supply a 20 percent match, which may include in-kind services such as labor, donated equipment, materials and activities directly related to the project,” noted Meyer.

“Applicants must provide a thorough justification of the requested funding and relate the project directly to recycling. Procurement and application of recycled content items must have a significant recycling component to qualify for funding. The applicants must commit to completing a final report and supplying recycling or reuse data,” continued Meyer.

“Eligible applicants may seek Comprehensive Grants for community clean-up projects that include a recycling component, implement or expand recycling programs, reuse initiatives, composting initiatives, a recycling and waste reduction awareness campaign or purchase items made from recycled material,” Meyer explained.

He noted applications are available on the JB Green Team Website at www.jbgreenteam.org or by calling the JB Green Team offices at (740) 266-6899.

“Applications must complete and submit their application by March 4. The Grants Committee will review applications and make formal award recommendations to the JB Green Team board of trustees by the March 11 board meeting. Notification of awards should occur by March 12, and successful applicants should consider starting their projects no later than March 13,” stated Meyer.