JB Green Team retains Chapman

BELLAIRE – The JB Green Team board met Monday for its annual reorganization, retaining Bob Chapman as chairman.

Chapman thanked the board, advising he would fill the post but cautioned that he plans to run for the 6th Ward seat on Steubenville Council and may have to resign if he is elected.

Belmont County Commissioner Matt Coffland was selected as vice chair but told board members he could not fill the chairman position in the event that Chapman would resign.

Bruce Misselwitz was nominated and elected to remain as board secretary. Executive committee members for 2013 will be Chapman, Coffland, Dave Maple, Misselwitz and Cathy Davison. Davison will chair the finance committee with Barb Godwin, Paul Reithmiller and Chapman. John Abdalla will chair the personnel committee with Mark McVey, Reithmiller, Anthony Kolaski and Terry Bell seated. Barb Godwin will chair the grants committee with Rob Sproul, William Weekley and McVey. Tom Bottorf will chair the planning committee with Sproul, Misselwitz, Chuck Dawson and Bell.

The board renewed contracts with Dave Hays as fiscal officer and John Mascio Jr. as solicitor. The contract with Hays for three years and Mascio for one year will be referred to the finance committee for terms.

Cliff Meyers delivered the executive director’s report stating the compactor is two weeks out and will be delivered with two containers with lids. Meyers also asked the board to approve $250,000 for an additional front loading truck. The fourth unit will be purchased due to expanding recycling units and Meyers also cited three of the Mac truck body units had broken down with similar electrical issues in December. The board approved the expense suggesting the purchase be directed to a different manufacturer.

Meyers also told the board the JB Green Team would need to submit a new solid waste plan by January 2014, and due to time constraints the board would need to contract the services of an engineering firm. It was decided the board would contract with GT Environmental for a feasibility and marketing study to give the board a cost breakdown. The board approved $30,000 for the study and approved proceeding with the expenditure of an additional $30,000 for a second study to define policies and projects.

“We have a kind of unique situation with a transfer station and I will be contacting the Ohio Environmental Agency as the project is not in the current plan,” said Meyers. “The proposal with scope will be referred to the planning committee upon receiving the feasibility study from GT Environmental. We are bumping up against deadlines,” added Meyers. “The next step in the process is fast approaching in March.”

Meyers also reported the glass segregation program had collected 15 tons at $27 a ton last month. He also stated the Powhatan Point Curbside Program will continue on a provisional basis for six months.

Godwin told the board that less than half of the forms had been returned from the 2012 grant program.

“The deadline is from the first of February and forms not returned with photos by that date will be determined ineligible,” she said.

Misselwitz gave the Apex report telling the board the landfill had been approved to accept solidification from the drilling industry.

“Apex cannot accept any liquid waste. The radioactive waste is a concern, however the liquid cannot leave the drilling site for 27 days and must be solid before entering the landfill,” he said.

The Grand Theater Restoration Project of Steubenville asked the board for a grant to remove five barrels of methylene chloride, also called dichloromethane. The group is asking for assistance in the $2000 removal fee bid by Enviro Service of Cleveland.

The next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 11 at Steubenville City Hall.