Police reports


Arrested: Thomas Rogers, 58, 2632 Alvarado Blvd., domestic violence, Tuesday.

Arrested: Mark A. Roberts, 29, Follansbee, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, Tuesday.

Arrested: Michael Jones, 24, 218 township Road 250, Toronto, driving while suspended, Tuesday.

Arrested: Carly D. Cunningham, 18, 473 Woodland Ave., Steubenville, abusing a harmful intoxicant, Wednesday.

Arrested: Lindsey R. Siudak, 24, no fixed address, possession of drug paraphernalia and falsification, Wednesday.

Arrested: Tricia Johns, 37, 67 Nancy St., failure to appear, Tuesday.

Cited: William Withers, no age listed, 1401 Wellesley Ave., improper display of plates; Derrick Nesbitt, 58, Steubenville, failure to reinstate license; and Christine P. Smith, 60, 121 Pico St., speeding.

Theft: A cell phone was reported taken from boys locker room at Harding Middle School Tuesday.

Mingo Junction

Charged: Michael A. Everhart, 29, 348 McLister Ave., Mingo Junction, falsification, Friday.

Charged: Jacelyn L. Everhart, 51, 348 McLister Ave., Mingo Junction, obstructing official business, Friday.

Charged: Ashly A. Everhart,25, 348 McLister Ave., Mingo Junction, obstructing official business, Friday.

Charged: Harold L. Campbell, 42, 660 Banfield Ave., Follansbee, operating vehicle under the influence and speeding, Sunday.

Speeding citations: Jenny L. Baber, 49, 113 South Bend Blvd., Steubenville; David W. Grzybek, 40, 58 Wolf St., Weirton; Charlotte A. Jenkins, 47, 279 Jenkins Lane, Colliers; and Lara J. Mercer, 19, Moundsville.

Cited: David L. Applegarth Jr., 40, 304 Parr Ave., Mingo Junction, driving with suspended license and faulty exhaust.

Charged: Tiffany M. McEndree, 19, 212 Mound St., Tiltonsville, possession of drug paraphernalia, operating vehicle under the influence, speeding and faulty exhaust, Sunday.