Police reports


Arrested: Lawrence Luke Sr., 53, 732 N. Sixth St., criminal trespass warrant, Tuesday.

Shots fired: One report received of about eight shots being fired at Beatty Park around 4 p.m. Tuesday. Officers reported finding no evidence of shots fired.

Fake money: Five counterfeit $100 bills passed or attempted to be passed at three stores at the Fort Steuben Mall, Tuesday.

Cited: Juliette R. Harton, 52, 810 N. Sixth St., driving with suspended license; Johnny Douglas, 28, 1642 Ridge Ave., failure to yield, driving with suspended license and expired plates; and Chrystal McGraw, 35, Steubenville, failure to yield.

Vandalism: Lock cut off shed in the 2500 block of Sunset Boulevard but nothing appeared taken, Tuesday.

Vandalism: Door padlock tampered with in the 100 block of Harding Avenue, Tuesday.

Arrested: Daniel J. Everhart, 30, 308 Lincoln Ave., possession of drugs, Wednesday.


County sheriff

Arrested: Christopher D. Bishop, 29, 1516 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Wednesday.

ATV found: ATV reported stolen out of Carroll County found wrecked into barbed wire fence off county Road 78, Amsterdam, Tuesday.


Arrested: Kenneth Miller, no age listed, 501 Spring St., Toronto, possession of hypodermic needle and possession of drug paraphernalia, Tuesday.

Brooke County sheriff

Arrested: Bradley C. Klepack, 18, 76 Harvest Lane, Wellsburg, concealed weapon, defective equipment and expired insurance, Sunday.