Trinity Medical

Center West

Dorothy Taylor of Weirton, a girl, June 23.


Trinity Medical Center West

Erin Dunburg of Mingo Junction and Jonathan Harton of Steubenville, a girl, June 16.

Kim Harris of Wintersville, a girl, June 19.

Aleshia and Ricky Wilson of Dillonvale, a girl, June 19.

Marlene Jenkins and Harold Glasure II of Weirton, a boy, June 21


Trinity Medical

Center West

Katelyn and Matthew Ludewig of Toronto, girl, June 12.

Alisha and Craig Russell of Hopedale, girl, June 15.

Out-of-town birth

Mike and Jodi DeStefanis of Akron, boy, June 4, Akron General Hospital. Maternal grandparents are Larry and Merica Petrella of Steubenville.


Trinity Medical Center West

Sabrina and David Lively of Steubenville, girl, June 10.

Samantha Diller and Johnathon Cunningham, boy, June 11.

Tyka Petrella and Wyllyam Greathouse, girl, June 11.

Cheyenne Iacovone and Ryan Gordon of Steubenville, boy, June 11.

Jennifer and Douglas Gump of Steubenville, girl, June 11.


Trinity Medical

Center West

Ashlee and Paul Hewitt of Tiltonsville, boy, June 5.

Monica Brennan of Chester and Eric Carter of East Liverpool, boy, June 6.

Beth and Jerald Rodgers of Weirton, boy, June 6.

Chealyne and Kirk Singleton Jr. of Mingo Junction, boy, June 6.

Florence Sims and Russell Huggins of Weirton, girl, June 7.

Heidi and Jesse Stetson of Wintersville, boy, June 7.

Aliah Stinson and Michael Fields of Steubenville, girl, June 8.

Wendy and Nick Howell of Bergholz, girl, June 9.

Britney Mills and Evan Marshall of Steubenville, girl, June 10.

Kelsey Rowland and Michael Malson of Colliers, boy, June 10.



Kylene and Paul Aftanas of Menominee, Mich., a boy, June 11 at Bay Hospital in Marinett, Wis.

Paternal grandfather is William Aftanas of Weirton.


Weirton Medical


Carrie and Charles Walls of Steubenville, a girl, May 2.

Brian and Megan Pietro of New Cumberland, a boy, May 5.

Larry and Amanda Middleton of Toronto, a boy, May 6.

Laura Bellevile and Matt Smith of Chester, a boy, May 10.

Ryan and Amanda Koehnlein of Toronto, a boy, May 22.

Brandon and Stephanie Wineman of Steubenville, a boy, May 26.