Trinity Medical Center West

Leslie Merideth and Jerimiah Jackson of Hammondsville, a girl, Jan. 23.

Angela and Mark Ford of Toronto, a girl, Jan. 24.


Trinity Medical Center West

Bridget Ashley Ellenbaugh of Hopedale, girl, Jan. 21.

Caylee Arnett and Kyle Albaugh of Rayland, girl, Jan. 22.

Rhiannon and Josh Morris of Weirton, boy, Jan. 22.

Tiffany and Joseph Luckino of Wintersville, boy, Jan. 22.


Trinity Medical Center West

Amanda Mattern and Joseph Ketchum of Wellsville, a boy, Jan. 20.

Jennifer Lancaster and Gary Martin Jr. of Mingo Junction, a girl, Jan. 15.

Valerie and Micheal Hayden of Steubenville, a boy, Jan. 15.

Danielle Jones of Weirton, a boy, Jan. 15.

Katie Howard and Craig Degenkolb of Burgettstown, a boy, Jan. 18.

Mindy and Adam Pittis of Cadiz, a boy, Jan. 18.

Mariah Myers and Ethan Jarrard of Amsterdam, a boy, Jan. 17.

Hope and Matt Davis of Hopedale, a girl, Jan. 17.


Trinity Medical

Center West

Sarah and Ryan Zullo of Steubenville, a girl, Jan. 14.

Miranda Debner of Follansbee, a girl, Jan. 13.


Trinity Medical Center West

Taylor Stephen and Jac Chaffee of Mingo Junction, a girl, Jan. 11.

Jauna Huttberg of Chester and Lucas Fitch of East Liverpool, a girl, Jan. 9.

Jamie Koch and Mark Schiffman of Steubenville, a boy, Jan. 11.

Xaveria Bonacci and Zaccary Schreiner of Weirton, a girl, Jan. 11.


Trinity Medical Center West

LeeAnn Doty of Wintersville and Jacob Ewan of Mingo Junction, a boy, Jan. 9.


Weirton Medical Center

Shay Costlow and Robert Valle, Wintersville, girl, Nov. 4

Sierra Cooper and Kevin Jackson II, Colliers, girl, Nov. 10

Courtnie Minger and Jason Bias, Weirton, girl, Nov. 12

Kiley McDowell, New Cumberland, boy, Nov. 12

Tiffany Postlethwaite, Weirton, girl, Nov. 13

Kree Ann Horsburgh and Jason Van Auken, Mingo Junction, girl, Nov. 18

Victoria Arigoni and Richie Barath, Tiltonsville, girl, Nov. 18

Erica Deuley and Jeromy Brewer, Toronto, boy, Nov. 21

Jennifer Matheny, Weirton, girl, Nov. 22

Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Sustik, Rayland, girl, Nov. 24

Ann Randolph and Aaron Fluharty, Colliers, girl, Nov. 24

Tracy and Andy Cooper, Mingo Junction, girl, Nov. 25


Trinity Medical Center West

Amanda Quinn and James Pullen of Wintersville, girl, Jan. 5

Amanda Martin and Nathan Wagner of Weirton, boy, Jan. 2

Megan Frost of Weirton and Lloyd Hayes, girl, Jan. 3

Nicole and Benjamin Westfall of Richmond, boy, Jan. 4.

Tosha Tirpak of Dillonvale and Chad Belon of Mingo Junction, girl, Jan. 4.

Cara Jo and Chris Mendel of Weirton, boy, Jan. 4.

Vanessa Dokes and Braxton Herring-Hill of Steubenville, girl, Jan. 5.

Brooke Kimble and Johnathan Snider of Minerva, girl, Jan. 8.

Holly Ensell and Rocky Ewing of Toronto, boy, Dec. 30.

Shayla Mallory and Edward Burch of Steubenville, boy, Jan. 1.

Ashley Vance and Timothy Morgan of Steubenville, girl, Jan. 1.

Brooke DeGarmo and Anthony Morgan of Steubenville, girl, Jan. 2.


Weirton Medical Center

Chris and Hilary Janczak, Weirton, boy, Dec. 5

Kaitlyn Cosgrove and Jonathon White, Steubenville, girl, Dec. 5

Angela Evans and Steven R. Bell, Steubenville, boy, Dec. 8

Chris and Kera Jordan, Wintersville, girl, Dec. 9

David-James and Breanna DeFelice, Weirton, girl, Dec. 10

Jah-I and April Creary, Weirton, boy, Dec. 12

Shelvy Richards and Michael Morrison, Wintersville, girl, Dec. 12

Alexis Buffo and Derrick Murdock, Weirton, boy, Dec. 13

William N. and Aubrey Bell, Wellsville, twin girls, Dec. 18

Thomas and Marlena Skavenski, Chester, boy, Dec. 19

Charnay Young, Steubenville, twins boy and girl, Dec. 19

Alyssa France and Scott Pender Jr., Toronto, boy, Dec. 19

Brittany Knicely and Josh Blackburn, Steubenville, boy, Dec. 20

Brittany and Ed Sutton, Weirton, boy, Dec. 21

Genette Paprocki and Joseph Eltringham, Mingo Junction, boy, Dec. 22

Kendra Robinson, Steubenville, boy, Dec. 26

Amy Brosovic and Shaun Kelley, Weirton, girl, Dec. 27

Amanda Klinesmith and Kevin Whitmore, Toronto, boy, Dec. 27

David and Shannon Irvin, Wintersville, girl, Dec. 30

Holly and Ralph Parissi Jr., Wintersville, girl, Dec. 31


Trinity Medical Center West

Elizabeth Vantilburg and Marcus Kidder of Irondale, boy, Dec. 27.

LeAnn Marie Riddle and Arnold William Trouten III of Toronto, boy, Dec. 28.

Amanda Speicher and Jarrod Speicher of Burgettstown, girl, Dec. 30.