Trinity Medical Center West

Christina Rawson and Andrew Zang of Toronto, a boy, Nov. 21.

Faith and Troy Dulaney of New Cumberland, a girl, Nov. 22.

Deidre Segle and Sean Reighard of Wintersville, a boy, Nov. 24.

Melissa Barnes and Shawn Oxley of Steubenville, a boy, Nov. 23.


Out of town

Gretchen and Eric Wentz of Kensington, Ohio, twins, a boy and girl, Nov. 12, Magee Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh.

Maternal grandparents are Ed and Cathy Woods of Bloomingdale.

Paternal grandparents are Mary Lee Wentz of New Cumberland and the late Allen Wentz.


Trinity Medical

Center West

Keeliy Chaney and Christopher Porter of Steubenville, a girl, Nov. 16.

Rebecca Lawson of Wintersville and Kenneth Payne of Steubenville, a boy, Nov. 15.

Katherine and James Selman of Toronto, a girl, Nov. 14.

Barbara Cook of Steubenville, a girl, Nov. 15.


Trinity Medical Center West

Amanda and Brian Newburn of Toronto, boy. Nov. 8.

Jamie and Justin Spencer of Mingo Junction, boy, Nov. 9.

Ashlee L. Porter and Juan A. Ramirez of Steubenville, boy, Nov. 11.

Elizabeth and Zachary Powell of Chester, boy, Nov. 12.

Marybeth Robinson and Chaz Taylor of Steubenville, girl, Nov. 12.


Weirton Medical Center

Larry and Tammy Minor, Weirton, boy, Oct. 1

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rand, Toronto, girl, Oct. 3

Elizabeth Salazar and John Petteway, Steubenville, boy, Oct. 3

Jenna and Bill Sperringer, Wellsburg, girl, Oct. 4

Joshua and Deidre Buffo, Steubenville, girl, Oct. 5

Joseph and Renee Wnek, Mingo Junction, boy, Oct. 6

Steven and Rebecca Richardson, Wintersville, girl, Oct. 8

Shane and Kate Grudier, Toronto, boy, Oct. 8

Jennifer Kempton and Mike Kovalski, Dillonvale, girl, Oct. 9

Alexandra Shorac and Tamawi McGhee, Steubenville, boy, Oct. 11

Curt and Patsy Shorts, Rayland, boy, Oct. 16

Brandy Nicole Reed and William David Rubins, Scio, girl, Oct. 23

Jason and Pam Hawkins, Toronto, boy, Oct. 23

Vincent and Candice Perri, Weirton, girl, Oct. 23

Kenneth and Carolyn Thomas, Weirton, boy, Oct. 23

Donna J. Brown and Johnny Brettell, Mingo Junction, boy, Oct. 24

Amber Conn and Joseph Hamilton Jr., East Springfield, boy, Oct. 24

Barbara and Wayne Bonovich Jr., Weirton, girl, Oct. 25

Torrie Michele Felton-Elder, Steubenville, boy, Oct. 25

Sarina Conkle and Robert Blake, Chester, girl, Oct. 26

Katie Welch and Josh Giglio, Follansbee, girl, Oct. 29


Trinity Medical Center West

Jennifer and Alan Abercrombie of Weirton, a boy, Nov. 7.


Trinity Medical Center West

Ashley Edmondson of Toronto, a boy, Nov. 1.

Megan and Anthony Hayes of Cadiz, a girl, Nov. 1.

Kaylin Clark of Steubenville and Josiah Bender of Empire, a girl, Nov. 2.

Anna Ayers of Brilliant, a boy, Nov. 2.


Trinity Medical Center West

Allyssa Jordan of Steubenville, a boy, Oct. 28.

Jessica and Joshua Bumgardner of Scio, a boy, Oct. 29.

Courtney and David Shaw of New Cumberland, a boy, Oct. 30.

Kirstie and Anthony Laytart of Steubenville, a boy, Oct. 30.

Abigail and Mark Krivanec of Mingo Junction, a girl, Oct. 30.

Victoria Neely and Lonnie Ewan Jr. of Wintersville, a boy, Oct. 29.

Maria Warren of Toronto, a boy, Oct. 23.

Amy Bartholomew and Stephen Stock of Steubenville, a girl, Oct. 23.

Abigail Rudder and Alexander Carey of Toronto, a boy, Oct. 25.

Courtney and Ronald Tuchek III of Bloomingdale, a boy, Oct. 27.