Municipal court


The following fines were issued in Follansbee Municipal Court, Municipal Judge Michael Fuscardo presiding, on Sept. 9:

Christopher D. Casto, 109 Evergreen Terrace, Wintersville, $170 for public intoxication; Kasey I. Evans, 2020 Eldersville Road, Follansbee, $170 for expired registration and no operator’s license; Shawna Roach of Beech Bottom; $370 for driving while suspended and improper registration; Brittany A. Gibson, 845 Neville St., Follansbee, $570 for driving while suspended, expired registration and no proof of insurance; Kuteaka S. Hall, 96 Seventh St., Wellsburg, and Leslie J. Jones, 496 Shady Lane, Follansbee, both $320 for dog running at large; John R. McCoy, 203 Marquette Ave., Follansbee, $222 for no proof of insurance;

Lindsay R. Fuccy, 556 Pettibone Lane, Colliers, $120 for failure to yield; Andrew R. Mainenti, 3801 Marlamont Way, Weirton, $170 for one-way street and stop sign violations; William J. Houser, 220 Vine Drive, Wintersville, $100 for cell phone use while driving; Amber M. Blancato, 901 Bank St., Toronto, $320 for driving while suspended;

Christopher J. Zolman, 836 Wood St., Follansbee; $370 for driving while suspended and expired inspection; and Robert D. Miller, 105 Cropper St., Weirton, $120 for improper passing.

Fined $570 for reckless driving were: Stacy A Oliver, 160 Franklin St., Weirton; Charles A. Tingler, 3153 St. John’s Road, Colliers; Paul L. Marshall of Hanoverton, Ohio; and Jay D. Pedigo of Glasgow, Ky.

Municipal court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge Dan Spahn presiding:

Stephanie Adkins, 43, 206 New Alexandria Road, Brilliant, speeding, $100, suspended license, $300; David M. Brown, 26, 3905 Collins Way, Weirton, speeding, $100; Del Rico Cunningham, 43, Apartment 1, 741 Kendall Ave., open container, 20 hours community service; Joseph F. Danaher, 22, 816 Broadway Blvd., stop sign, $100; Kevin C. Ellis, 51, 821 Franklin Ave., open container, $100; Zaledia M. Johnson, 51, 810 Franklin Ave., intoxication, $100; Jaree E. Jones, 22, 1325 Maryland Ave., expired plates, found innocent; Audrey M. Kallay, 43, 2614 Maryland Ave., drug abuse, $250, changing lanes without caution, $100; Alyssa S. Lenko, 20, 125 Warren St., Rayland, loud exhaust and expired plates, found innocent; Queenesther McShan, 28, 144 Wildon Ave., suspended license, $300, speeding, $100; Lenda C. Mills, 35, 210 Richland Ave., suspended license, found innocent, speeding, $100; David D. Painter, 46, 2604 Devonshire Road, loud radio, $100;

Susan Penvose, 51, 317 Wilshire Blvd., failure to yield, $100, failure to display license, found innocent; Rodney A. Pippen, 56, 2518 Sunset Blvd., petit theft, 10 days in jail, 100 hours community service; Ray A. Scurry, 43, Apartment 211, 730 N. Seventh St., suspended license, $200; Diane M. Simon, 42, 133 Powell Ave., no license, $200, defective mechanism, $100;

Renee D. Staudacher, 29, 211 West Blvd., Mingo Junction, petit theft, 30 days in jail; Shaun I. Willhoit, 39, Elm Grove, changing lanes without caution, found innocent;

Maxine Alvis, 42, 361 Summit Ave., possession of controlled substance, eight days in jail; Deandre D. Boone, 20, Columbus, suspended license, $250; Brandi N. DiEdwards, 24, 202 Basil Drive, Weirton, resisting arrest and drug paraphernalia, both dismissed, possession of drug abuse instrument, 20 days in jail, operating vehicle under the influence, $500, 20 days in jail, one year license suspension; Terry L. Green, 24, 1333 Euclid Ave., two counts suspended license, 20 days in jail, turn signal violation, $100; Eric Jones, 31, Apartment 416, 730 N. Seventh St., assault, dismissed due to insufficient evidence; David A. Keaton, 35, Apartment C, 713 Market St., petit theft, $500; Sloane M. Kinsey, 20, 382 state Route 213, Steubenville, possession of controlled substance, amended to attempted drug abuse, 30 days in jail, following too close, $100; Charles J. Logsdon, 49, 361 Summit Ave., permitting drug abuse, amended to attempted drug abuse, eight days in jail; Brandon E. Marker, 19, 70 Lacy Drive, no motorcycle license endorsement, dismissed; failure to control, $100, unlicensed vehicle, dismissed; James V. Rossi, 48, Apartment 2, 367 Summit Ave., possession of controlled substance, amended to attempted drug abuse, $1,000; Tami R. Shackleford, 32, 1135 Oak Grove Ave., petit theft, 30 days suspended sentence, $300; Nicole A. Spring, 19, Wellsville, illegal distribution of cigarettes, $150; Cole R. Thorn, 25, 382 state Route 213, Steubenville, permitting drug abuse, amended to attempted drug abuse, 10 days in jail, 60 days house arrest; Lisa M. Weigner, 43, 369 Summit Ave., possession of controlled substance, amended to attempted drug abuse, eight days in jail;

Stephen A. Baily, 61, 415 Linden Ave., two counts no dog registration, $100; Jessie O. Birden, 21, 450 S. Fifth St., suspended license, $500; Sarah J. Blackburn, 42, 800 Franklin Ave., suspended license, $200, left of center, $100, failure to display plates, costs; Brian P. Blair, 49, 474 township Road 245, Toronto, speeding, $100; Michael A. Carr, 49, Cheektowaga, N.Y., no license, $200; Tammy J. Coen, 55, Steubenville, disorderly conduct, $250; Veronica L. Cutri, 49, Lot 44, 1588 state Route 43, Richmond, hit-skip, $300, expired license, $100, failure to control, $100, open container in motor vehicle, $100; Henry C. Davis, 29, 1421 Pennsylvania Ave., loud radio, $100; David H. Galloway, 60, 518 Pittsburgh St., intoxication, $100;

Trystn Hampton, 24, 1426 Belleview Blvd., loud radio, $100; William A. Myers, 23, 118 Logan Ave., Mingo Junction, no seat belt, $30; Gary L. Scruggs, 26, 427 Washington St., suspended license, $200;

Jerald L. Snyder, 40, 168 Wilson Ave., Mingo Junction, speeding, $100, suspended license, three days in jail, no seat belt, costs; Sharnay A. Solomon, 25, 928 N. Sixth St., possession of marijuana, $100, no license, $300, suspended license, $300; and David L. Winland, 60, 1455 Hill St., Brilliant, speeding, $100.