Trinity Medical Center West

Brandy West of Wintersville of Brandon Barker of Steubenville, girl, June 14.

Natalie L. and Robert A. Frey of Wintersville, boy, June 13.

Abigail Walker of Cadiz and Brandon Baker of Cadiz, girl, June 17.

Whitney and Matthew Komaniak of Weirton, girl, June 17.

Ivy Lalosa Reeves and Mike S. Reeves of Wintersville, girl, June 12.

Leiann and Horace Shephard of Toronto, boy, June 12.

Angela and Ray Six of East Liverpool, girl, June 15.


Trinity Medical Center West

Melissa and Jeremy Miller of Wintersville, a boy, June 3.

Maranda Barnhart and Dion Purdy of Steubenville, a girl, May 30.

Debra Boyd of Dillonvale, a girl, June 7.

Jamie Fabian and Joseph Bateman Jr. of Colliers, a girl, June 7.

Jennifer Phillips and Warren Brown Jr. of Steubenville, a boy, June 7.

Shannon Holbrook of Weirton, a girl, June 6.

Danielle Wiley of Steubenville, a boy, June 8.

Leana Spencer-Reilly of Colliers and Bryan Reilly of Hookstown, Pa., a boy, June 5.

Stephine Mosser of Rayland, a girl, June 4.

Elizabeth Southall and Jimmie George of Weirton, a girl, June 5.

Fawn and Daniel Ross of Weirton, a girl, June 5.

Deanna and Jared Rock of Steubenville, a boy, June 5.


Weirton Medical Center

Nile and Ashley Cline, Follansbee, girl, May 1.

Samantha Wise and Jay Skaggs, Follansbee, girl, May 1.

Susan Kozora and William Stevens, Follansbee, girl, May 2.

Lori Smith and Derek McLuckie, Wintersville, girl, May 3.

Scott and Kate Cook, Weirton, boy, May 4.

Destiny Penny, Colliers, girl, May 6.

Jessica Russell and Deysen Lasure, Colliers, boy, May 8.

Shaylene Johnson and Jeff Jackson, Wellsburg, boy, May 9.

Kayla Pugh and Daniel Smith, Chester, girl, May 10.

Lori and Brad Leeson, Weirton, boy, May 10.

Samantha Morgan, Bergholz, boy, May 11.

Belinda Basim and Edward McCormick, Steubenville, girl, May 13.

Daniel and Lizzy Muzzi, Weirton, girl, May 15.

Tessa and Russell Boggs, Annapolis, boy, May 16.

Melissa Clutter and Christopher Toy, Empire, boy, May 18.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tuttle, Weirton, boy, May 19.

Sara and Eric Adams, Follansbee, girl, May 20.

Michael and Ashley Shockley, Weirton, boy, May 23.

Melissa Lucas and Michael Crouse, Follansbee, girl, May 24.

Vanessa Stacey, Bergholz, girl, May 26.

Courtney Robbins and Cody Colvin, Weirton, boy, May 26.

Jennifer Shields and Cody Lemasters, Weirton, boy, May 27.

Dustin and Brandi Emler, New Cumberland, boy, May 29.

Stephanie Vantilburg and Carl Crago III, Toronto, boy, May 31.


Trinity Medical Center West

Megan Hosman and Christopher Norman of Steubenville, boy, May 23.

Sasha Sims of Steubenville, boy, May 23.

Elizabeth R. Greathouse and Nathan L. Hayes of Steu-benville, boy, May 24.

Amanda and Jonathan Price of Min-go Junction, boy, May 26.

Melisa Michael and Steven Wayne Gallop II of Chester, girl, May 26.

Samantha J. Mitchell and Elwood C. Woodland of Steubenville, girl, May 26.

Tiffany and Thomas Diley of Mingo Junction, boy, May 27.

Kayla and James Gorrell of Wintersville, girl, May 27.