Jefferson County

The following divorces were recorded in Jefferson County:

Beth Ann Doan of Steubenville from Kevin Todd Doan of Steubenville. Former name, Beth Zook, restored.

Dustin Grizzel of Mingo Junction from Elizabeth Grizzel of Steubenville. Former name, Elizabeth Sheets, restored.

Gregory D. Byers of Toronto from Christina M.Byers of Jewett. Former name, Christina Rine, restored.

Gloria Jean Terry of Steubenville from Kevin Darnelle Terry of Steubenville. Former name, Gloria Martin, restored.

George W. Vein of Wintersville from Wendy S. Vein of Wintersville.

Jason K. Canestraro of Mingo Junction from Connie M. Canestraro of Valparaiso, Ind.

Anita Lynn Keenan of Richmond from Richard L. Keenan of Bloomingdale.

Rachel J. Blankenship of Steubenville from Jared D. Blankenship of Toronto.

Tina M. Clutter of Amsterdam from Jess R. Clutter of Toronto.

Tiffany Lee Stanley of Steubenville from Zachary Michael Stanley of Steubenville.

Shawn C. Kirk of Steubenville from Marie Blackburn of Toronto.

Zane Donald Roe of Steubenville from Alexis Joy Roe of Columbus.

Anita Frazee of Wintersville and Robert Frazee of Toronto. Joint divorce decree.

Holly Lyn Hughes of Empire from Jason Dean Hughes Sr. of Toronto.

Patrick Allen Howell of Richmond from Robin Howell of Bluffton, S.C.