Trinity Medical Center West

Maria Newlin and Phillip Jordon of Irondale, a boy, Jan. 21.

Tara Patton and Jacob Tirpak of Wintersville, a girl, Jan. 24.

Shannon and Michael Balcom of Rayland, a boy, Jan. 24.

Tyka Petrella of Wintersville and William Greathouse of Steubenville, a girl, Jan. 25.

Krystal and Fredric Shellabarger of Steubenville, a girl, Jan. 25.

Danielle Moralee and Scott Murison of Steubenville, a boy, Jan. 25.

Caylee Murphy Maley and Joseph Filby of Wintersville, a boy, Jan. 26.


Jessica Lackey and Chris Walker of Toronto, a boy, Jan. 7.


Trinity Medical Center West

Kristen and Joseph Pease of Richmond, a girl, Jan. 5.

Sarah Kish of Wintersville, a girl, Jan. 4.

Melissa Dennis and Robert Norman of Smithfield, a girl, Jan. 4.

Brandi Tweedy and Michael Dominquez of Rayland, a boy, Jan. 5.

Anonka and Brent Livingston of Wintersville, a boy, Jan. 6.

Kayla Lazear and Aaron McAllister of Follansbee, a girl, Jan. 6.

Elizabeth and Scott Starr of Brilliant, a boy, Jan. 6.

Misty and Paul Newman of Toronto, a girl, Jan. 6.


Trinity Medical Center West

Randi Clevenger of Steubenville and Richard Wolf of Toronto, girl, Jan. 1.

Alexandria M. Geary and Jeffrey W. Elder of Mingo Junction, boy, Dec. 31.

Cynthia and Dr. Eugene Gan of Steubenville, boy, Jan. 1.

Crystal and Joseph A. Hammack of Steubenville, girl, Jan. 1.

Amy and Ronald Tucker of Wintersville, girl, Dec. 28.

Brittany Aldana and Cody Maris of Steubenville, twin boys, Dec. 29.

Marianne Husted of Empire, boy, Dec. 29.


Weirton Medical Center

Courtney Rice and Gregory Shinn, Weirton, girl, Dec. 5

Joshua and Jessica Bumgardner, Scio, boy, Dec. 5

Stephanie Perkins and David Fletcher, Weirton, girl, Dec. 7

Victoria Shultz and Nicholas Crawford, Chester, boy, Dec. 8

Brittany Behanna and Frank A. Bragg Jr., Newell, boy, Dec. 10

Tracie and Philip Collier, Weirton, girl, Dec. 11

Meghan Potock and Allen Gabathuler, Toronto, boy, Dec. 12

Jamie Fournier and James Donahoo, New Cumberland, girl, Dec. 13

Cierra Wickham and Matthew Ritchie, New Cumberland, girl, Dec. 13

Lewis and Carissa Kovarik, Weirton, boy, Dec. 14

Christine McAdams and Dorian Livingston, Wellsburg, girl, Dec. 14

Jeff and Casey Lyons, Colliers, boy, Dec. 15

Aaron and Amanda Buracchio, Weirton, boy, Dec. 16

Rob and Darcey Crowe, Brilliant, Ohio; girl, Dec. 18

Kristalyn Ighnat and Trad Conyers, Wintersville, boy, Dec. 20

Dellesha Felton, Steubenville, boy, Dec. 20

Kelsey Johnson and Michael Amuso, Wellsburg, girl, Dec. 20

Elizabeth Cooper and Robert Robertson III, Weirton, boy, Dec. 21

Alicia Ramsey and Chase Jolly, Amsterdam, Ohio; girl, Dec. 21

Shane and Brittany Buchanan, Mingo Junction, boy, Dec. 22

Christie McGaughey and Eric Miller, Weirton, boy, Dec. 26

Ralysha Lyons and Matthew Schiappa, Weirton, boy, Dec. 26

Laurianne Smith and Matthew Beatty, Steubenville, boy, Dec. 27

Jessica Forester and Brian Truex, Weirton, girl, Dec. 28

Christina Henderson, Weirton, girl, Dec. 28

Ariana Langley and Tom DeVore, Steubenville, girl, Dec. 28

Nicholas and Karla Deah, Toronto, boy, Dec. 29

Lenny and Jenna DeWitt, Weirton, boy, Dec. 31

Tim and Jessica Mrock, Weirton, boy, Dec. 31

Vanessa Hawbrouch and Kyle Barnhart, Weirton, girl, Dec. 31

David and Mandy Kondik, Weirton, boy, Dec. 31