Church sermon topics

¯ Bell Chapel United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “Planting Gospel Seeds.”

¯ Buena Vista United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “The Path of Peace.”

¯ Calvary Community Missionary Baptist Church, Steubenville: “The Messiah Has Come.”

– Covenant Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “The Gift of Peace.”

– First Christian Church, Steubenville: “Hope Is Our Strategy.”

¯ First Church of Christ, Scientist, Steubenville: “God the Preserver of Man.”

¯ First United Methodist Church, Toronto: “The Children’s Christmas Program.”

¯ First Westminster Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “Remember, Repent, Rejoice.”

– Follansbee First Church of the Nazarene: “The Longer I Serve Him.”

– Harmony United Methodist Church, Mingo Junction: “Be Fruitful.”

– Starkdale Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “The Doctrine of the Incarnation: Knowing the Father through the Son.”

¯ St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: “That Your Love May Overflow More and More with Full Knowledge and Full Insight.”

¯ Wintersville Church of Christ: “The Christmas Season, The Virgin Mary.”

¯ Wintersville United Methodist Church: “Building Hope through Archaeology (Not Mythology).”

¯ Zion United Church of Christ, Steubenville: “Thunder in the Desert,” guest pastor the Rev. Carol Vaccariello.