A little ‘Throwback Thursday’ for you today

Are you familiar with Throwback Thursday?

It’s the name of a weekly social media posting theme that users participate in on Thursdays, including on Facebook where I tend to enjoy seeing old pictures that friends post, often to remember a past event.

I thought I would bring the concept to today’s community page, given I was organizing some photos and newspaper clippings and came across what I thought were some interesting and timely finds.

In the Herald-Star’s Aug. 21 edition, there was a front-page story by staff writer Dave Gossett about Harding Middle School opening this school year with a new addition providing more classroom space and a renovated gymnasium.

Ironically, I had recently come across in my files some clippings from the day the new Harding Middle School opened its doors in August 2002. They were clippings I had kept as a scrapbooking mother of two children – Adam and Sarah – both of whom would be going to the new school as eighth-graders.

That little piece of local history distinction was basically lost on them, however, and so, too, my request that they stand in front of the original Harding Middle School before the razing of it began. They were not happy campers when mom pulled into the Bob Evans Restaurant parking lot and had them pose for me with the old Harding Middle School in the background as you see in the top left photo. In the days to come, I took pictures as well of the school coming down, bit by bit.

I did the same thing when Buena Vista Elementary School met its fate with the wrecking ball, leaving behind what today is just a big grassy lot and no tell- tale signs that it was the site of where my kids began their education in the Steubenville City Schools.

So there you have it – my Throwback Thursday contribution.

And by the way, if you have a Throwback Thursday item you’d like considered, drop me a line and photo to jkiaski@heraldstaronline.com.