Camera club announces winners in June competition

The Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club has named the winners for the June monthly competition in prints and slides.

The print winners for the topic of the month, “Night Cityscape,” were Debbie Snider, first place; Linda Hilty, second place; and Anissa Wellington, third place.

The winners for the open category included Angela McClain, first place; Claudia Norris, second place; and Jodi Russell, third place. For special effects, the winners were McClain, first place; Sam Rees, second place; and Karen Felix, third place.

The winning photos can be seen at the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club Facebook page.

The slide winners for the topic “Night Cityscape” included Norris, first place; Taerie Kelly, second place; and Steve Whiting, third place. For the open category, the winners were Norris, first place; Whiting, second place; and Kelly, third place. In special effects, the winners were Whiting, first place and Norris, second place.

The slide competition for May was held in June as a make-up because of not having enough participants in May.

The May slide winners for the topic “Bokeh,” in which the subject is in focus and the background is blurred, were Norris, first place and Whiting, second place. For the open category, the winners were Whiting, first; Norris, second; and Jim Malloy, third place. The winners for special effects included Norris, first and Whiting, second.

Before the competition, ballot sheets were distributed to all members with a list of potential topics or the next competition season. Top vote-getters will determine the winners.

Club members Andy Tindor and Ernest D’Andrea had their pictures recently on display at the Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling, it was announced.

For the June workshop, a DVD was shown on the topic of “The Ultimate Photographer Composition” featuring photographer Manny Pontoriero.

Pontoriero said that photography is a science and involving composition, lighting, camera functions and psychology. He focused on making points regarding how people read a photograph; what are the most psychologically powerful techniques ever conceived; and where to place a subject for maximum emotional appeal.

He said photography is a visual statement and gave diagrams and showed pictures of where to place a subject for maximum impact and appeal.

The club had a promotional booth at the Thunder in the Ville Festival on June 28, displaying some of the photographers’ photos. Debbie Snider was the coordinator.

A field trip is planned to The Wilds in Ohio for July, and the annual picnic will be held July 27.

The camera club will have a new exhibit open at the Mary H. Weir Library in July with “Sunsets” as the topic. Diane Bannister is the coordinator of the exhibit in which eight members will participate.

For information, call club President Steve Whiting at (740) 546-4497.