All for the animals

About 350 animal lovers turned out for the Jefferson County Animal Welfare League’s “Around the World” benefit held July 13 at St. Florian Hall in Wintersville.

And that made Janet Polverini, program director and fundraiser chairperson, a happy camper.

Polverini welcomed all those attending the event where the tables were decorated with centerpieces reflective of different countries, and each place setting had clever ceramic table favors made by Kim Hohlmayer, again to an “Around the World” theme.

Mine was Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

The event included a spread of food and a spread of prizes along with a 50-50 drawing and a silent auction.

The benefit’s beginning included musical selections by Teresa Kropka and “words of wisdom” by Joan Tindor. The Rev. Jarry Baylis was listed in the program booklet as having given the invocation.

The AWL was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) animal organization in 1974 and during its 40 years – yes, 40 years now – it has neutered and spayed more than 10,000 animals.

In 2013, the AWL purchased 10,500 pounds of cat food for people feeding feral cat colonies. It then assists in getting the animals spayed and neutered.

In addition to Polverini, officers of the nonprofit organization are: Donna Hagerty, president; Doris Peyton, vice president; and Arlene MacQuown, its treasurer who is one of the original founders of the organization now celebrating four decades of service.

The program booklet at each place setting included lots of pages listing lots of big-hearted sponsors, all of whom the AWL noted it gives “paws” to thank.

Polverini noted in the booklet, too, that “All of our sponsors are extraordinary people who genuinely care about our Jefferson County animals. They all have the courage, conviction, loyalty and passion to contribute to our voiceless animals. I sincerely prayed before I asked each sponsor to help, and the results were extraordinary.”