Garden clubs attend event

DILLONVALE – An open meeting for members of the Region 12 Ohio Association of Garden Clubs was held at the Community Building with attendance from the Flushing, Mount Pleasant, Four Seasons and the Rosebud Garden Club, which served as host.

Caroline Williams, president, gave the welcome, and Kim Campbell, vice president, gave the invocation.

Dawna Kale, master gardener, spoke on plant propagation.

“Propagation merely means ‘making more plants.’ Avoid collecting seeds from hybrid plants. They are man-made. If you save the seeds, you don’t know what you will get the next year,” she said.

She spoke of the heirloom seeds passed on from generation to generation. “Our ancestors passed seeds from generation to generation. They would bring seeds to America hidden in the lining of a skirt, or in the brim of a hat, even send them to America hidden behind a postage stamp. They were important to them for raising crops and helped become a farming nation,” she noted.

“One of our problems is the deer and other animals that make a meal out of what we plant. Skunk cabbage water is good for keeping them away. This stuff smells bad, so you cook it, cool it and soak your seeds in it before planting. Turkey and deer will stay from it then,” Kale said.

“Seeds need to ripen before you save them and a water bath of one part bleach and 10 parts water soaked for 10 minutes will prepare them for planting,” said Kale. Gourd seeds need to be soaked as well to make them grow better.

She demonstrated how to apply rooting material by putting a bit on a paper towel and placing the plant on it.

“Don’t dip a plant in the jar of rooting material. You will be spreading disease to others if it should be diseased,” she said.

“Willow water is good for propagation. Gather twig branches no bigger than a pencil and boil 1 cup of the sliced twigs in a gallon of water. When cooled, this is good for fertilizing plants. It should be refrigerated if not used at once,” she said.

She stressed using botanical names of plants because this is how all are listed.

A covered-dish dinner was held, and door prizes were awarded.

Sandy Homol was the winner of the decorated rain barrel that was a fundraiser for the club.

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