School House flooring restored

The family of John and Donna Minor and son, Mike, recently volunteered to restore the flooring at the Pleasant Hill School House Historical Museum this spring, a huge task that entailed moving everything several times while sanding and applying preservative to the original floor, according to a museum spokesperson.

The restoration included the replacement of the baseboards, with the funding provided by William McElwain and Tom Galownia.

The work was in preparation for a museum visit by 54 second-grade pupils from Stanton Elementary School. Kathy Hannon, second-grade teacher, arranged for a joint visit to the school house as well as Historic Fort Steuben with the children spending half a day at each location.

School house volunteer teachers include Joyce Zimmerman, reading; Avis Henry, arithmetic; Gloria Renda, history; and Karen Lundquist and Connie Crawford, school yard games.

School visits by all Jefferson County schools’ second-graders are in the works for next spring. Interested second-grade teachers can contact Renda, project director, at (740) 264-3565.