Camera club lists winners

The Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club has announced winners of the March competition.

The print winners for the topic of the month “Reflections” were Andy Tindor, first place; Claudia Norris, second place; and Stephen Mihopulos, third place. In the open category, the winners included Taerie Kelly, first place; Debbie Ramage, second place; and Dave Rees, third place. The special effects winners were Angela McClain, first place; Kelly, second place; and Debbie Snider, third place. The winners’ pictures can be found on Facebook at the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club page.

The slide winners for the March competition for the topic “Reflections” included Steve Whiting, first place; Mihopulos, second place; and Norris, third place. In the open category, the winners were Mihopulos, first place; Whiting, second place; and Kelly, third place. For special effects, the winners were Norris, first; Mihopulos, second; and Whiting, third.

At the competition meeting, Whiting, club president, announced upcoming field trips for the club: May 2-4 to Hocking Hills; May 16 or 17 for night photography and lights; June 7 to an Amish farm in Sugar Creek and Roscoe Village; July 12 to the Wilds in Ohio; and an Oct. 19 a tour of covered bridges in Ohio.

Whiting presented the March workshop on the topic “How to Choose the Right Color Mats to Compliment One’s Pictures.” He brought in many different colors of mats to match up with club members’ pictures. Club members brought in prints and matted photos to be evaluated. Whiting chose and displayed best matching colors for various photographs as well as club members gave feedback as to what colors they thought looked best with the various pictures. It was noted that choosing mat colors that are more suitable for a photo can greatly enhance the impact of a picture and make it more appealing. and they can highlight various interesting aspects in a photograph. Club members who contributed pictures for the workshop were Whiting, Sam Rees, Jody Wright, Debbie Ramage, Taerie Kelly, Connie Koniski and Diane Bannister.

Rees and Bannister showed examples of mats that have various shapes cut for the inside opening, instead of the typical rectangle, such as an oval, dome, octagonal and other interesting shapes that can add more appeal to specific kinds of pictures.

Bannister suggested a workshop be held in April for members to bring in special effects prints that they have created in photo shop programs and to explain what processes they have done.

Sam Rees and Barb Sanders suggested a critiquing workshop to be held in May.

For information about the club, contact Whiting at (740) 546-4497.