Toronto Sunrise Senior Citizens meet

Toronto Sunrise Senior Citizens Chaplain Peg Nordenger opened the March 14 meeting where President Tim Gribbin thanked the kitchen committee for serving the dinner.

Jim Wilson and Darlene Carter were 50-50 winners. Door prize winners were Dodo Steele and Madge DeJulio.

Reports were given by Diana Hooper, secretary; Rex Mossor, treasurer; and Tracey Wade, social secretary, who announced March birthdays and anniversaries.

Joyce Whyte, tour director, announced the money for the River Casino trip on April 23 needs to be paid by the next meeting.

The kitchen committee for April is Jim and Marion Wilson, Bob and Molly Meridith, Phyllis Smith, Helen Lindsay, Henry Portocarrero and Janet Morrow.

Bingo and card winners were Janet Blaschak, Nancy Bodrog, Edna Riffle, Donna Twyford, Marge Kane, Marlene Garrett, Brenda Cottrell, Mary Lou Deku, Susan Kulstad, Judy Price, Darlene Carter, Scherry Sine, Anka Buraynski, Judy Sabol, Lucy Timko and Carolyn McCart.