Ohio Valley Camera Club announces January winners

The Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club has announced the winners of the January competition in prints and slides.

The print winners for the topic of the month “Framing” were Dave Rees, first place; Stephen Mihopulos, second place; and Melissa Bendle, third place. In the open category, the winners included Taerie Kelly, first place; Andy Tindor, second place; and Diane Bannister, third place. The special effects winners were Steve Roberts, first place; Rees, second place; and Angela McClain and Barb Momyer, third place. The winners’ pictures can be found on Facebook at the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club page.

The slide winners for the January competition for the topic “Framing” included Steve Whiting, first place; Claudia Norris, second place; and Kelly, third place. In the open category, the winners were Kelly, first place; Norris, second place; and Whiting, third place. For special effects, the winners were Norris, first and Whiting, second.

Stephen Mihopulos presented the January workshop on “light painting.” Light painting is painting around a subject in the dark, using an LED flashlight or even the light from a cell phone. The subject outlined with the light will be highlighted in the photograph.

The shutter must be manually adjusted to stay open longer in order to capture the light. Mihopulos recommended using the bulb setting, adjusting speed and ISO and using manual focus. Some club members went to a dark area to practice the technique, assisted by Sam Rees.

Ulisha Santiago showed members how to do the “bokeh” technique in which the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus. She demonstrated by shooting decorative perfume bottles with fairy lights in the background.

Mihopulos, Rees and Santiago were named to the committee to arrange workshops.

Club President Steve Whiting assigned himself, Snider and Tindor to a committee to arrange photography field trips for the club.

Andy Tindor, Anissa Wellington, Melissa Bendle, Claudia Norris, Debra Snider and Leanne Sinicropi had their photos published in the 2014 McBane Insurance Co. calendar.

The camera club celebrated the opening of the photography exhibit Feb. 3 at Weirton’s Summit Gallery in the Top of West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau located at 3393 Main St.

It is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays through March 21.

Those having their photographs exhibited include Dave Rees, Sam Rees, Karen Tindor, Andy Tindor, Angela McClain, Claudia Norris, Barb Momyer, Ernest D’Andrea, Debra Snider, Steve Whiting, Diane Bannister, Taerie Kelly, Linda Hilty, Ulisha Santiago, Chris Horvath and Steve Roberts.

Subjects include flora, wildlife, sunsets, scenery and some include special effects.

For information about the club, contact Whiting at (740) 546-4497.