Judy Jordan photos sought by local author

Mary Paice of Wintersvillle said knew she was on to something, but never envisioned how big that something was when she decided to write “A Life of Love with Madam Judy Jordan,” the story of the internationally known madam of Steubenville.

To date, the book has sold thousands of copies, Paice said, and in preparing for a second printing, she’s looking for anyone who may have photographs of Jordan or images from the vicinity and time period in which she conducted “her infamous business.”

“The second printing will include several revisions that differentiate it from the first in ways that will make it appealing to new readers and those who read the first edition,” Paice said. “I am hoping there is someone out there who has some better photos of Judy than I had for the first printing, as well as any photos from the houses and places she would have frequented in the 1930s through the 1970s.”

Paice had heard about Jordan for many years and got to meet her in 2005. A friendship developed, according to Paice, who said she got to know “the real lady” after spending much quality time with her before her death. Paice said she realized that Jordan’s kindness and caring for others were genuine, and when she suggested that Jordan should write a book, Jordan instead asked Paice to tell her story based on her journey through life.

Jordan titled the book as it exists in print, and readers discover that it is not the kind of “love” they might have thought it to be about, Paice explained.

If anyone has photos for consideration, contact Paice by phone at (740) 264-1985 or e-mail at paiceplace113@yahoo.com.

There are about 300 copies of the first edition that can be purchased at M&M Hardware in Steubenville or on amazon.com., Paice said.

“I sincerely hope we can find some new photographs to include in this printing and am excited about the revisions to the second printing that should make for a truer depiction and spiritual revelation of Judy and her life that wasn’t as prominent in the first writing,” Paice said.

The deadline for submitting photos is March 17.