Scary night at the museum for Tri-State Writers Society

A Halloween theme was observed when the Tri-State Writers Society held its monthly meeting Oct. 8 at the Jefferson County Historical Association museum on Franklin Avenue in Steubenville.

Standing near a candelabra and a perched raven, Collin Michael McGee read Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” to an the audience sitting on antique furniture in the dimly lit 1919 parlor.

Several members of the society wore costumes and read their short stories to the theme “Murder at the Museum,” which set the tone for a flashlight tour of the local attraction.

As the historical association guides led the way into the darkness, atop the vintage stairway stood a ghoul that slowly drifted its way onto the second floor. Organ music sounded as the visitors entered the early 20th century bedroom where several scary events unfolded.

Tri-State Writers Society President Karen Majoris-Garrison and several members shrieked when their ankles were touched by an unseen entity lurking under the bed. “In the attic, a partially open bathroom door revealed a gruesome site – a dismembered body lay in the tub, an eerie green glow emanating beneath the corpse. As the curious stepped into the room for a closer look, a specter with red glowing eyes reached out to them. The curious hastily exited the room,” explained Barry Bardone, a member of the association and the society, who organized “the ghostly” event while his daughter, Danielle Maccariella, and JCHS member Bridgette Douglas decorated the museum and dressed as ghostly participants.

In the dark of the toy room was a large clown mask on a bench, a sight that prompted several screams when the mask quickly raised up and approached those standing silently. The society members enjoyed visits to the Dean Martin room, presidents’ room and military room where guides Charlie Green and Mike Giles gave descriptions of each room’s artifacts.

After the tour, readings by society members and a pizza bash were held in the decorated dinning room.

The Tri-State Writers Society expressed its gratitude to Judy Brancazio, association president, and the board of directors of the association for opening their doors for the monthly meeting and a spooky evening.

Anyone interested in attending a meeting of the TSWS can call Susan Guy, public relation director, at (740) 632-9507. Those interested in scheduling a tour of the museum, holding their next meeting there or learning more about the JCHS can call (740) 283-1133.