Successful camp, Una Serata are meeting topics for IACC

The Italian American Cultural Club continued plans for its upcoming Una Serata during its July 8 meeting held at St. Florian Hall.

Louise Donofe opened the meeting where President Carm Gentile presided.

Reports were given by Mike Zinno, treasurer, and Lil Celini on cards sent.

In an Una Serata report, Rob Palladino reminded members the Aug. 2 event at St. Florian Hall will be different and highlight the foods and traditions of four regions of Italy – Abruzzi, Campania, Sicily and Tuscany, will be highlighted. Members are to bring six dozen homemade cookies to St. Florian by noon on Aug. 1 with donated items for door prize baskets to be dropped off at Celebrations or St. Florian. The event is BYOB.

Tickets are available for $25 adult and $10 per child under age 12. Tickets can be purchased by calling Bill DiMarzio at (740) 264-4773 or can be picked up at Celebrations, Pittera’s Pizza and at Scaffidi’s Pasta. Program sponsors continue to be recruited for $150 with the ad to be used in the program for Ballo di Primavera as well as in Una Serata. Two tickets to Una Serata are given with each $150 ad. Individuals who would like to put in a one-line ad, for example, in memory of a loved one, a good luck or a thank you, the cost is $10. For information, contact Jane Antonucci or Louise Donofe.

In a Campo Italiano report, Tami Cashioli said 117 campers and 24 youth leaders participated in the “Got Roots” event that involved family traditions, stories, music and crafts. Change collected during the week will be donated to the Italian Village where the camp was held along with a small portion being sent to a camp conducted in Italy, which teaches their children English.

Cashioli said the children received booklets of the music, a CD, history and pictures from their week at the event. A video also was made. On the final day of the camp, the children released balloons with the camp’s name. Several notes were returned to Gentile with the balloons found in New Comerstown, Beaver Valley, Butler, Pa., Georgetown, Pa., and Star Lake Amphitheater.

In a Campo Extension report, it was announced that Palladino and Domenico DiBacco would be teaching Italian to the children at Blessed Sacrament Church in Wintersville.

Frank DiCarlantonio reminded members of their times to sell wrist bands at the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival in Wheeling on Friday through Sunday

Joe Talerico won the 50-50 drawing, and Mary Ann Sunyoger and Mena Potts won free dinners.