Women’s golf news


The Blackmoor Monday Ladies Golf League members on May 20 played three holes from the ladies tees, three holes from the senior tees and three holes from the regular white men’s tees.

The winner was Neysa McCart with the winner of low putts being Lori Defallo. No one had closest to the pin on hole No. 3.



Ann Milleson was hostess for the Cadiz Women’s Golf Association on May 22 when play of the day was a throw-out tournament, where players could deduct the score on two holes from the total score.

Winners were Peg Buchanan in first place and Nancy Beckert in second place. Low putts for the field were won by JoAnn Watson and Nancy Beckert.

The hostess for Wednesday will be Marcia Bedway with tee-off time will be 9:30 a.m.


The Dyer Ladies League hosted its third-annual member/guest day on May 21. The Ryder Cup format consisted of a team best ball, alternate shot and scramble.

Afterwards the players had a pizza party.

A Flight winners were :

First-place team: Elaine Minda, Mishal Hawthorne

Second-place team: Paula Hope, Mary Ann Bainbridge

B Flight winners were:

First-place team: Kathy Sapp, Ruth Lamantia

Second-place team: Vickie Grant, Patty Filak

Proximity prizes were donated by Margaret’s Cafe in Toronto.

Closest to pin, hole No. 5: Elaine Minda

Closest to pin in two, hole No. 6: Kathy Sapp, Ruth Lamantia

50/50 drawing: Paula Hope

Participants from the valley included a Dyer Ladies league member and their guest.

Cindy Montgomery, Teri Barkley

Sharon Coleman, Marci Imhoff

Debbie Phillippi, Dianna Adams

Signa Findlay, Wanda Retzer

Lucy Karaan, Bobbie Mangan

Mary Arehart, Eleanor Kindsvatter

Ann Eroshevich, Tammy Cox

Paula Hope, Mary Ann Bainbridge

Vickie Grant, Patty Filak

Kathy Sapp, Ruth Lamantia

Elaine Minda, Mishal Hawthorne

Tournament Chairmen: Paula Hope, Vickie Grant

Tournament Committee: Ann Eroshevich, Eleanor Kindsvatter, Cindy Montgomery, Mary Arehart

The women will host the annual Firecracker Best Ball on July 2. Contact a member for information. There is a limited field.


Game day: May 16

Game: Players were permitted to use only four clubs and a putter.

First-place team: Kathi Moore, Cathy Ralston, Dottie Virtue and Linda Wade

Second-place team: Patty Filak, Donna Grant, Janet Stukins and Janice Whitaker

Chip-in: Linda Wade on hole No. 5

50/50 winner: Patty Filak


Game day: May 20

Game: Low Gross

First round of the league championship. There are three more rounds to be played during the season to determine the league champion.

First place: Patty Filak.

Second place: Mary Ann Bainbridge.

Third place: Signa Findlay.

50/50 winner: Patty Filak.

No birdies or chip-ins


Spring Hills Ladies Golf League played throw out the even holes on the back nine on May 16.

The winners were: A flight, Cindy Montgomery with a 23; B flight winner was Vickie Grant, also with a 23; and C flight winner was Mary Arehart with a 28.

Longest Drive, A flight was Cindy Montgomery; B flight, Vickie Grant; and C flight, Susan Mazzacco. Closest to the pin A flight was Dru Fleshour, and there were no winners in B or C flight.

Patty Rothacher won the 50/50.

In low putts for the night, there were five people who tied with 16 putts. They were Judy Hare, Jay Riesner, Brenda McCloskeky, Patty Gerlando and Teri Barkley.


A gross and net tournament in flights was the weekly game for the Steubenville Country Club Women’s Golf Association with Renee Morelli as chairman.

Winners in the first flight were YangJa Koh, low gross, and Kim Criss, low net and putts. Second flight winners were Dianna Adams, low gross and Theresa Metcalf, low net. Adams and Morelli took low putts. Metcalf recorded a chip-in on hole 18 to claim the money cup which had carried over from the previous two weeks.

Dotty Tegano was chairman for the nine-hole golfers who had the following winners: DeeDee Scugoza, low gross; Shannon Irvin, low net; and Tegano, low putts. Scugoza had a chip-in to take the money cup for the nine-hole group.

The first round of the President’s Cup Tournament was played with Koh as chairman. The winner of this prestigious tournament will be the golfer with the best three of four net scores.

The tee time this week will be 9 a.m. for the 18-hole golfers who are asked to report to the pro shop by 8:30 a.m. Nine- hole golfers will report to the pro shop at 9 a.m. for a 9:30 a.m. start time.


The Williams’ Ladies Golf held a “Low Gross Low Net Tourney” recently.

Assistant Pro Jason Smaljanovich figured and presented the winners of the day.

Priscilla Mavrich took first flight low gross with a round of 88, and Jennie Epifano took first flight low net with a 76.

Second flight low gross went to Sue Sakara with a score of 103, and second flight low net went to Phyllis Phillips with an 87.

Third flight low gross was taken by Vi Stein with a score of 116, and third flight low net ended in a tie with Kay Mascio and Jerry Chambers both scoring a 77.

Skill prizes for the day was low putts in first flight and a tie with 35 putts for Mavrich and Maribeth Arlia. Second flight went to Phillips with 34 putts, and third flight went to Chambers with 33 putts.

Maureen Dumbaugh took the accumulated weeks “Pot of Gold.”

President Linda Staffalino announced that this week’s play will be delayed until Thursday at 9 a.m. instead of the regular day of Tuesday, and asked that all players call the pro shop to list for play.

The event will be “Patriotic Dress” to celebrate Memorial Day. Prizes will be given for most patriotic.

Women’s golf news


The Play of the Day of Cadiz Women’s Golf Association on May 15 was Quartermaster game. Any golfer having three or more putts per hole forfeited a quarter to the winning pot.

It was split between Theresa Stotler and Nep Rowland. Stotler and Rowland also won low putts of the field. Stotler also scored one chip-in, two birdies and an eagle.

This week’s hostess will be Carol Henderson. Tee times start at 9:30 a.m.


Winners for the Dyer Ladies League

Throw Out Two Worst Holes event, on May 14 were:

A flight: Paula Hope.

B flight: Vickie Grant.

C flight: Ann Eroshevich.

Proximity: Ruth Lamantia.

50/50 drawing: Ruth Lamantia,

Play chairmen: Cindy Montgomery, Ann Eroshevich

The women will host a Ryder Cup member/guest day on Tuesday.


Spring Hills Ladies Golf Association played 3 Blind Mice on May 9. All members played their own golf game, and Dan Stacy, pro at Spring Hills, picked three holes to be eliminated from their score. The women played the front 9, and Dan choose holes 4, 7 and 8.

Denise Augistine was welcomed as a new member

Winner in flights were: A flight winner was Neysa McCart; B flight winner was Judy Hare; and C flight was Mary Arehart.

Low putts for the night was Sharon Coleman, and Claudia Norris had a chip-in.

Patty Rothacker won the 50/50.

Proximity winners were long drive A flight Ruth Lamantia; B flight Sharon Coleman; and C flight Mary Arehart.

Closest to the pin A flight was Mary Di Michael and B flight Denise Augustine.

May 23 and 30th will be round one and two of the spring handicap.


A mystery hole tournament was the weekly event played by the Steubenville Country Club Women’s Golf Association with Renee Morelli as hostess.

After tee-off, nine holes were selected for scoring, and one-half handicap was used to determine the winners. In the first flight Kim Criss took first place and low putts, while YangJa Koh won second place. Dianna Adams was the second flight winner, also claiming low putts, and Theresa Metcalf took second place.

Nine-hole golfers also played a mystery hole event with Natalie Straus winning first place and Dotty Tegano coming in second. Tegano also won low putts.

Koh announced that the President’s Cup competition will begin this week and continue for four Wednesdays with the winner being the golfer with the best three out of four net scores. Koh was the 2012 winner of this highly regarded tournament.

This week’s competition will be low gross and low net in flights. Eighteen- hole golfers are to report at 9:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. tee time, and nine-hole golfers should report at 10 a.m. for a 10:30 tee time.


Town and Country Women’s Golf League officers for 2013 are, from left, Wanda Retzer, treasurer; Betty Teaff, president; Jeannie Dowden, vice president; and Lucy Karaan, tour chairperson. Edie Higgins is the secretary.

Town and Country Women’s Golf League had a medal play on May 9 at Spring Hills Golf Course in East Springfield.

Winners were: Low Gross A, Wanda Retzer; B, Jeannie Dowden and Pat Zorne; C, Irene Vaja. Low net A, Janice Haisley; B, Zorne; C, Vaja. Close to pin, A, Signa Findlay; B, Dowden; C, Vaja. Long drive No. 3, A, Haisley; B, Bobbie Mangan; C, Sondra Hyde. Long drive No. 6, Lucy Karaan; B, Mangan; C, Hyde. Birdie, Lillian Kestner. Low putts, Findlay.

Town and Country Women’s Golf League had a medal play with free mulligan on May 2 at Spring Hills Golf Course in East Springfield.

Winners: Low gross A, Signa Findlay; B, Jeannie Dowden; C, Rose Kazmareck. Low net A, Findlay; B, Patty Saccoccia; C, Nancy Lellie. Closest to pin, A, Laura Froehlich; B, Dowden; C, Shirley Guida. Long drive hole No. 1 A, Lillian Kestner; B. Bobbie Mangan; C. Dolores Pirraglia. Long drive hole No. 5, A, Findlay; B, Dowden; C, Rose Kazmerick. Chip-in and birdie, Froehlich. Low putts, Kestner, Kazmerick, Findlay.


The Williams Ladies Golf Opening Day of the Season turned out successful in getting in the entire 18 holes in spite of the bad weather.

The “Throw Out Your Worst Two Holes” game came in handy for starting play. Jerry Chambers took first place; Jennie Epifano and Vi Stein tied for second place; and President Linda Staffilino took third place.

Skill prize for each flight was “Closest to the Pin” on hole No. 8. First flight went to Staffilino with 8 feet, 7 inches; second flighters missed the green; and Vi Stein took third flight with 6 feet.

Players are asked to sign up or call the Pro Shop in advance for the following week’s play.

The Williams Ladies Golf Association held an “Even Hole Tourney” on a cool frosty morning.

Jason Smaljanovich, assistant pro, announced the winners for the day. First place went to Maribeth Arlia; second place came in a tie with Priscilla Mavrich and Jennie Epifano; and Sue Sakara took the third-place honor.

Erikka Buracchio won the skill prize of the day with “Longest Putt” on hole No. 10 with a 4-foot, 9-inch sink.

The “Pot of Gold” will be carried over.

Lunch was served in the Grill Room following play. Players are to call the pro shop or sign the players sheet for each following week.

Women’s golf news


On May 6, Blackmoor Monday Night Ladies League played a metal match, and the winner was Lori Defallo.

Tammy Cox took putts, and Cheryl Black had closest to the pin on hole No. 12.

Brenda McCloskey was welcomed to the Monday Night Ladies League.

All women are welcome to play on Mondays at 5 p.m.


The Cadiz Women’s Golf Association played a Predict Your Score game on May 8.

Those coming closest to their predictions were: first, Nancy Beckert, and second, JoAnn Watson.

Low putts for the field was won by Nep Rowland.

Watson was the hostess.

The hostess for Wednesday will be Rowland.


Winners for the opening night scramble at the Dyer Ladies Golf League on May 7 were:

First-place team: Teri Barkley, Vickie Grant, Ruth Lamantia

Second-place team: Ann Eroshevich, Cindy Montgomery

50/50 drawing: Mary Arehart

Play/event chairmen: Mary Arehart, Vickie Grant, Paula Hope

New league president Mary Arehart held a short meeting after play,

and snacks were served.

New members and guests are always welcome.

The league tees off each Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

The ladies will host a member/guest Ryder Cup event on May 21.



May 2

Game: Low Putts

First place: Dottie Virtue

Second place: Elaine Minda

Third place: Kathi Moore and Janet Stukins

Longest Putt on No. 9: Kathi Moore

50/50: Donna Grant

May 7

Game: Low Gross

First flight: Patty Filak

Second flight: Kathi Moore

Third flight: Donna Grant

Closest to Pin on No. 5: Cathy Ralston

Birdies: Kathi Moore on No. 5

Chip-ins: Kathi Moore on No. 5

50/50: Cathy Ralston



April 29

Game: Throw out any two holes

First place: Patty Gerlando

Second place: Peg Barber

Third place: Dorothy Baier

50/50: Susan Mazzocco

May 6

Game: Low Net

First place: Erin Ankrum

Second place: Kathi Moore

Third place: Patty Filak and Holly Kisner

50/50: Sheila Robinson

Birdies: Erikka Buracchio on No. 11 and Signa Findlay on No. 16

Chip-ins: Signa Findlay on No.16, Charlotte McCoy on No. 17 and Sheila Robinson on No. 11


Spring Hills Ladies Golf League played low gross on May 2.

A flight winner with a score of 44 was Lori Szymanek; B flight winner with a 48 was Patty Gerlando; and C flight winner with a score of 50 was Brenda McCloskey.

Long drive winner: A flight, Lori Szymanek; B flight, Patty Gerlando; and C flight, Brenda McCloskey

Closest to the pin A flight, Teri Barkley; B flight, Patty Gerlando; and C flight, Brenda McCloskey

Patty Gerlando had a chip-in, and the 50/50 winner was Vickie Grant

After play, President Ann Eroshevich conducted a business meeting with discussion held about the theme for the invitational set for Aug. 1.

It was decided that theme would be “God Bless the USA,” and profits would be donated to the Tony Teramana Cancer Center in the name of all teams participating.

Guest day will be held July 25.

Each member received a golf package with all information for the 2013 golf season at Spring Hills. Food was provided by officers Ann Eroshevich, Tammy Cox, Claudia Norris and Eleanor Kindsvatter.


Low net was the weekly game played by the Steubenville Country Club Women’s Golf Association with Renee Morelli as chairman.

Taking the honors were: YangJa Koh, first place; Theresa Metcalf, second place; and Morelli, third place. Koh also won low putts, and Morelli recorded chip-ins on holes 11 and 16 to claim the money cup.

Dotty Tegano was the chairman for the nine-hole golfers’ game. Prize winners were: Tegano, low gross and putts, and Shannon Irvin, low net.

This week’s event will be a mystery hole tournament with John Denholm, golf professional, choosing nine holes for scoring after tee-off.

Eighteen-hole golfers are to report at 9:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. tee time, and nine-hole golfers will report at 10 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. tee time.


The Williams Ladies Golf Association held its opening membership meeting to prepare an agenda for the new season.

President Linda Staffilino read the minutes from the last executive board meeting that were approved by the membership. Rita Wickham gave the treasurers’ report.

The Senior/Super Senior Championship will be played play on two consecutive Tuesdays this year, it was agreed.

“Rally for a Cure” will be co-chaired by Priscilla Mavrich and Phyllis Phillips and be held on Aug. 10. Several meetings will be called for participation of all members of Williams to attend this year’s rally to raise awareness of breast cancer in men and women.

Mavrich also has accepted the responsibility for the 2013 Williams Scrapbook.

Golf professional Dean DiBerardino spoke about several activities planned for this year, including three ladies’ regular golf clinics and three free clinics for beginning ladies golf. He also will have several vendor “demo days” and a “golf ball fitting day.”

They also have changed the color of the ladies “tees” from red to green and will be referred to as the forward tees. DiBerardino also reminded the ladies to call or sign in ahead of each week and to check the pro shop before golf each week to make their food selections for the day’s lunch.

The invitational will be held July 9 and will be chaired by Staffilino with a theme of “Out of This World.” Invitations have been mailed, and another sellout is expected, club members agreed.

Ryder Cup with Steubenville Country Club will be played at Williams this year with sign-up sheets to be posted at both clubs and dates to be convenient for both associations.

Challenge will be played at Willliams with Southpointe Golf Club on June 30th with seven ladies plus Assistant Pro Jason Smaljanovich.

Field Day will be held Sept. 17, and each member will bring a friend for golf and the luncheon.

Tables were set in spring colors and fresh tulip and hyacinth plants, which were given as favors for the members.

Chairperson Kay Mascio was applauded for the food selection for the meeting.

Mascio and Sue Sakara surprised the group with a trio of iced cake lollipops for everyone in attendance.

Women’s golf news


Blackmoor Ladies League played a metal game on April 29 with Cheryl Black the winner.

Janis Whitaker had low putts.

Denise Augustine had a long drive on hole No. 8.

All women are welcome to play on Mondays at 5 p.m.


Low net was play-of-the-day as Cadiz Country Club women golfers got off to a good start for the 2013 season.

Winners were Nep Rowland for A Flight, Peg Buchanan for B Flight and JoAnn Watson in C Flight. Least putts were won by Nep Rowland and Ginny Ferrell.

Chip-ins were made by Ginny Ferrell on No. 3 and by Peg Buchanan on No. 11. Marlene Holloway served as hostess and discussed plans for the June 19 Mini Invitational.


The Womens Golf Association of Steubenville Country Club played a two best ball tournament as its weekly game with Renee Morelli as chairman. Taking first place was the team of YangaJa Koh, Kim Criss and Theresa Metcalf with Marilyn Kenny, Shelle Pentes and Morelli coming in second. Koh won low putts and Criss recorded a chip-in birdie on hole No. 2 to claim the money cup.

The nine-hole golfers played a gross and net game with Dotty Tegano as chairman. Donna Hill and Tegano tied for gross honors with Shirley Guida winning low net and putts.

The event for Wednesday will be blind partners. Eighteen-hole golfers are asked to report to the pro shop by 9:30 a.m., and nine-hole golfers should report at 10 a.m.


Spring Hills Ladies golf opened their season on April 25 with 12 players braving the chilly weather for the tee-off at 5:30 p.m. and played a scramble.

The winning team with a score of 35 was the team of Neysa McCart, Mary DiMichael and Ann Eroshevich.Coming in second with a score of 37 was the team of Lori Szymanek, Eleanor Kindsvatter and Tammy Cox.