Summer Youth Program nears

History comes alive for pupils in grades four through six who participate in the Summer Youth Program at Historic Fort Steuben.

The week-long program includes hands-on history, crafts, games, demonstrations and videos that recreate 18th century life on the Ohio frontier.

Under the supervision of experienced teacher Dave Nicholson, the students will have an in-depth learning experience. Besides the usual map and study skills, video presentations and classroom lessons, the young historians will learn about the native tribes that roamed the valley, their traditions as well as their games. A professional surveyor will instruct the children on the use of the chain and compass in measuring the Ohio wilderness.

Baron von Steuben will have the students march and drill, while flintknapper Larry Wonderley will give them the opportunity to make their own arrowheads. A presentation on the travels of Lewis and Clark provides a glimpse into the exploration of the American West. One day is set aside for the youngsters to use the trowels and screens in the archaeology dig.

“We have many students who return each summer because they enjoy the experience,” said Judy Bratten, director of Historic Fort Steuben.

The program runs for two sessions: June 10-14 and July 15-19, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. each day. The cost is $40 for the week of educational activities. For information or to register, call (740) 283-1787 or e-mail