Camera club lists winners of April competition

The Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club has listed the winners of the April competition in prints and slides.

The print winners for the topic of the month, “Rusty Stuff,” were Barb Momyer, first place; Ernest D’Andrea, second place; and Sam Rees and Don Roberts, third place.

In the open category, the winners included Andy Tindor, first place; Connie Koniski, second place; and Diane Bannister, third place. The special effects winners were Angela McClain, first place; Steve Roberts, second place; and Debra Snider, third place. The winners’ pictures can be found on Facebook at the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club page.

The slide winners for the topic “Rusty Stuff” were Steve Whiting, first place; Jack Hatala, second place; and Claudia Norris, third place. The open category winners included Dave Rees, first place; Hatala, second place; and Norris, third place. The special effects winners were Norris, first place; Hatala, second place; and Vince Trupiano, third place.

For the April workshop, club Snider showed a video on “Basic Lighting and Portraiture with Indoor Lighting and Natural Lighting.” Rick Sammons was the photographer featured in the video. He suggested to always look for the creative shot. The video showed portraits of persons using only the light from a window with the subject near the window. Candlelight also was used and Sammons demonstrated how to bounce flashes off ceilings, using reflectors and diffusers and “painting” a model with light in a dark room. The subject must be still and a flashlight is used to wave light across areas to be highlighted.

The camera club went on a field trip April 6 to Faith Ranch in Jewett to photograph horses and take night shots. For the night shots, Stephen Mihopulos demonstrated how to do “light painting,” using different LED flashlights with white, red and blue lights. He also used sparklers to create light paintings and light a subject. It was necessary to use a tripod to take the night shots with using a manual setting on “bulb” with longer exposures of 20 to 30 seconds.

In other business, Whiting announced the club will have an exhibit of members’ pictures throughout May at the Center of Music and Art in Wintersville. It will be held in the concert hall during regular business hours.

The club took a field trip Sunday to DiGregory’s Greenhouse and Garden Center in Steubenville.

Because the club’s regular meeting place at Two Ridge Presbyterian Church in Wintersville will be in use as a polling place for Tuesday’s primary election, the club has changed its workshop meeting to May 14, which will be on the topic of “Taking Portraits of Models Using Studio Lighting.”

Weather permitting, club members will be able to take outdoor portraits also. For information, contact Whiting at (740) 546-4497.