Urban Mission News


The Urban Mission’s “Campaign for Good” under way through April is an effort to “spread the goodness” that was developed out of the hearts of individuals desiring to spread good to a hurting community through random acts of kindness. The mission invites people to “spread goodness” in a number of ways, including:

Spread Goodness with a monetary donation to help feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. A $25 donation will provide for two families for March’s food distribution; a $50 donation will provide for four families; and a $100 donation will help eight families. Donations can be made to the mission at 301 N. Fifth St., Steubenville, or online to www.urbanmission.org.

For a gift of $20 or more, mission staff will anonymously deliver a goodie box to a public servant or a complete stranger, or individuals can pick up a goodie box and share it with a special person or friend.

Throughout March and April, individuals or groups are invited to host an event or fundraiser “for good.” All donations collected will be used toward a program of choice at the mission.


As part of its “Campaign for Good,” Urban Mission will host a “Soul to Sole Foot Washing Service” on March 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the mission’s Unity Kitchen at 301 N. Fifth St., Steubenville.

Participants can have their feet washed and anointed, have lunch with foods from Biblical times and receive prayer and free toiletries. The mission welcomes donations of personal hygiene items such as soap, bath wash, towels, etc.

For information, call (740) 282-8010.