Knights of Columbus Council 472 holds free throw contest

The Steubenville Knights of Columbus Council No. 472 sponsored a basketball free throw contest Jan. 26 at 11:00 a.m. in the gymnasium at Bishop John King Mussio Elementary with boys and girls age 10 to 14 eligible to participate.

Individual contests were conducted for each age group with awarded presents to winners of each age group.

The winners were eligible to compete in district free throw competition that followed the local competition with winners set to advance to the regional free throw that will be held on Feb. 24 at St. Mary’s School, St. Clairsville, beginning at 12:30 p.m.

Many local councils throughout the state of Ohio hold the local contests, according to a council spokesperson. Regional winners will advance to state finals competition on March 16 at Bishop Ready High School in Columbus.

District 48 free throw winners were Nick Sninchak, Council 2187; Aaron Clegg, Council 2187; Brendon Matyas, Council 2187; Conner Suffoletta, Council 2187; Donald Hall, Grand Knight, Council 472; Sara Yarosz, Council 2187; Olivia Elson, Council 2187; Shayna Mirabela, Council 472; Renee Antonelli, Council 472; and Joseph Solomon, Grand Knight, Council 2187.

Council 472 Free Throw participants included Veronica Phillipson, Emma Borden, Julia Zatta, Cynthia Philipson, youth activities director Lou Almonte, Brittany Bentoia, Shayna Mirabela, Gabay Capoldi, Renee Antonelli and Carol Almonte, statistician.