Business services, manufacturing, hospitality jobs sizzled in July

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hiring sizzled in July in business services, manufacturing and hospitality.

Professional services, which includes jobs in computer systems, architecture and temporary help, added 51,000 jobs last month. Over the past year, it has hired more than a half-million Americans and stands as the leading job-creating sector.

Manufacturing added 37,000 jobs, the most in seven months. Nearly all the gains came from makers of durable goods such as machinery, computer components and auto parts.

Restaurants, bars and hotels added 40,000 jobs, the most in nine months.

Sectors that didn’t fare as well included financial services, government and transportation, all of which lost jobs.

Overall, U.S. employers added 157,000 jobs in July. The unemployment rate slipped to 3.9 percent, from 4 percent, the Labor Department said Friday.

Industry (change from previous month) July 2018 June 2018 Past 12 months

Construction 19,000 13,000 308,000

Manufacturing 37,000 33,000 327,000

Retail 7,100 -20,200 96,400

Transportation, warehousing -1,300 18,900 160,900

Information (Telecom, publishing) 0 1,000 -21,000

Financial services -5,000 10,000 106,000

Professional services (Accounting, engineering, temp work) 51,000 43,000 518,000

Education and health 22,000 69,000 427,000

Hotels, restaurants, entertainment 40,000 34,000 254,000

Government -13,000 14,000 8,000

Source: Labor Department

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